Recovering From Multiple Addictions: How To Move Away from Both Drink and Drugs

Recovering From Multiple Addictions: How To Move Away from Both Drink and Drugs

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Our relentless fascination with celebrities is a strange part of modern life. Of course, we’ve always been interested in the lives of the rich and famous, but nowadays everyone carries a camera phone in their pocket that’s capable of connecting to the Internet and uploading a photo of a famous persons indiscretions, all within a few seconds of it actually happening. We’ve all been guilty of flipping through tabloids while waiting in line at the supermarket, studying the drunken photos of a reality TV star as they stumble out of a nightclub or bar. The rumour mill starts up, and before we know it, the celebrity in question has checked himself or herself into rehab while they deal with some “personal issues.” While the tabloids might accompany such photos with a text expressing concern, they’re still inviting the reader to watch a private moment in a privileged life, and it’s almost as though the whole issue of addiction is glamorized at times. Sometimes the pursuit of such a party lifestyle can result in an unhealthy hedonistic overindulgence, and it can be all too easy to become addicted to alcohol, as well as a range of party drugs. There are a number of traditional recovery methods available for a person who is suffering from alcohol addiction, but do these methods help if the person is also suffering a drug addiction? Let’s look at some of the recovery methods on offer…

AA and NA

It can almost be a default reaction to alcohol addiction- simply go to Alcoholics Anonymous. The 12-step program of AA is based largely in traditional Christian spirituality, and so doesn’t work for everyone. While the program certainly focuses on addiction, it deals almost exclusively with alcoholism, and Narcotics Anonymous operates as a separate entity. While attending different meetings with different organizations to deal with addictions to different substances is certainly possible, it’s perhaps not the most efficient way to face the issue.

Is It Possible to Simply “Cut Back”?

Before we finally admit to being an addict, it can almost seem possible to simply “cut back” on drugs and alcohol. For some people, this is actually a viable option if their issues with dependency stem from a temporary situation in their life. In a large number of cases, cutting back isn’t possible and an overall end to any kind of alcohol or drug consumption is the only option. For an addict, one drink is too much, and also not enough.

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Other Drugs

People suffering from multiple addictions can find themselves unlikely to indulge in one without the other. It can be possible to realize that taking a pill or some powder is a bad idea, but after a few drinks your judgement becomes clouded, and the thought of any consequences to your actions goes straight out the window.

Following Your Own Path

Overcoming multiple addictions can be more difficult than overcoming a sole addiction, but there are many options for recovery- it’s simply a case of finding the one that works best for you. While structured meetings might work for someone with comparable addictions, they might not necessarily work for you. Some people thrive in support groups, whereas others clam up and would do much better in a one-on-one therapy type situation when recovering from addictions. The important thing is to not give up and to keep an open mind. If you feel your path to recovery isn’t as effective as it should be, always remember that there are many different paths out there- all leading to recovery.