Samsung Galaxy S7: The Record Setter Of 2016

Samsung gradually moving towards the crown of the smartphone manufactures, however, in the past few years its performance was great and you could judge this by seeing the number of launched smartphones in the 2014. And Samsung is going to begin the 2015 with the beast Samsung Galaxy S6 and later, after a year Samsung would do the same with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung smartphones are known for their best display and performance. As of the display, Samsung already set the record in the performance of display by the Galaxy Note 4 and now Samsung Galaxy S6 would set the records. Samsung always uses the Super AMOLED panels that are very true with colors and rendering. And Samsung uses the PenTile matrix; the picture formed by the scheme PenTile is great, but thanks to change the order of the subpixels and high ppi. For example, similar was done in the Samsung Galaxy A7. Also, Samsung has a good oleophobic coating, which makes it slightly collects fingerprints. And Samsung would be repeating in the Galaxy S6 but talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung should get a better display in terms of innovation, we would like to see a flexible display which were leaked two years ago, but now this is time to experiment something better and we would definitely praise Samsung if Samsung engineers manages to create a flexible display smartphone.


In the present panels of the Samsung Galaxy A7, the overall picture quality to be good, if the user is deprived of prejudices about screen Super AMOLED, then the image quality will surely enjoy it. We tried to compare image quality with Galaxy S4, but did not notice the difference in principle. And Samsung again proved to be best with the display, and now the next stage of display would come with the Galaxy S6 but as we mentioned above the flexible display smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7, we might not comment at the moment regarding the more resolution than the full HD. May be, Samsung Galaxy S7 would come with the just HD or full HD resolution display and later in phones, more resolution would debut.

As operating system is concerned, yes you would only see the Android as the OS in Samsung Galaxy S7, but the latest version of that time would be powering it, most probably the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be running the Android 6.0 or better. Already, Google is going to launch the Android 6.0 in 2015 and you can expect more from the smartphones of 2016. So, you can consider at least Android 6.0 or better would have the S7.

If we discuss about the release date then rumours are also in favor of early launch, like the December 2015 but the truth is different and the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date would be no near than Feb 2016.