Save Money On Your Cable Bill With One Simple Way

Managing cable bills is a complicated process. There are specials and deals, locked in contracts, different service providers and bundles to consider. How do you know when you’re getting the best deal? You’ll need to do a little legwork, but with this method, you’re sure to have the best prices on the services you want. How can you cut your cable bills? Compare all the providers available to you and pick the best of the best.
Save Money On Your Cable Bill With One Simple Way
Gathering Data
The first thing you need is a listing of all the different cable and Internet service providers in your area. In some areas, you may only have one or two choices. In others, you might find nearly every provider in the country has a presence. Note down the name of the provider and a link to their available online packages.

Your goal here is to gather information on every available package with services you want. Obviously, if you don’t want a landline telephone, you can leave off packages that include one. The same goes for any other service you don’t want.

Consider the Outliers
Don’t forget to include the online-only services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and various streaming video services. They may not have all of the programming you want, but they are typically significantly cheaper than a television package. Don’t forget about network season passes, either. If you’re a sports fan, for example, ESPN, the NFL and other major organizations offer their own online streams. It may be cheaper to put together four or five services for online streaming and skip the dedicated TV service.

Compare the Costs
Make a list of the essential services you want. A typical package might include Internet service at a certain speed, access to on-demand movies and a basic cable package. Once you have your list, slot in the various options available to you. One provider might offer everything you want, but include a variety of TV channels you don’t want. Another might be perfect, but have a hardware rental fee and a three-year contract.

Weigh the pros and cons of each package you come up with. Don’t forget that for online streaming packages, you need an Internet connection that can handle them. Internet packages with a low bandwidth cap may result in excess charges down the line. Feel free to check the online reviews for your Internet  and cable service providers in case any of them have a reputation for poor service or downtime.

Make your Selection
With all the information in front of you, it’s easy to pick which option is the best. You may have to balance cost versus service in your considerations, but you’re sure to get a package with everything you want at a price you’re satisfied with.

Kristine has been following telco and cable companies for over 5 years, and has yet to see an end to the monopoly. She feels that encouraging competition is the only way to get sensible pricing and customer service from these providers, and she won’t stop writing until that happens.