Saving space of your home with a sleeper sofa – Bad Idea?


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We live in a world where chaos is a very descriptive way of showing how fast things are going, how people are feeling or how many houses look like on the inside. There are people that talk about the lack of space in their homes as a problem that they are facing today. This is because of the fact that we live in a consumer world where we buy so many things that we don’t necessarily need and those things occupy space around the house.

How can you make more space?

There are people that are renting spaces in order to deposit some of their stuff, there are others that have garage sales, but there are some who throw their beds away. This has happened in the past with some people that have seen the benefits of using a sleeper sofa and some retractable furniture that has to power to satisfy more than one need when it comes to the one living around the house.

Does it work?

The idea here is simple: use a sofa in order to have some great furniture around the house and then when it is time for sleeping, you just retract it and have a great, relaxing sleep. It has been said that more people enjoy the warmth of a sofa, rather than the cold of a bed. This may be true for some, but others talk about the fact that this type of item is very practical and the fact that it has more than one uses, proves that the developers have taken the needs of the clients into consideration.


Now, you can use the space that your bed left and actually do something about it: there are some that have put a home office in the place of their bed, there are others that have created a home gym and so on. The idea here is to find solutions that can work with more than just a single need that you might have. A real company is the one that focuses on solving more than one problem when it comes to their clients.

It looks good!

This is another argument that works really great with people that are interested with interior design and these types of things: imagine how a bed looks like, it’s normal, can be really ordinary and it’s quite problematic when it comes to the sheets and the mattresses. When talking about a sofa and how it looks like, the models and the diversity of the products is astonishing. People actually say that there are sofas that can match any style around the house from the futuristic and modern ones to the ancient and classic ones. It’s all about finding the perfect one for you and your tastes. Imagine that your friends and family will admire the fact that you have combined the texture, the color and even the design of the sofa with the one around the house. These things matter as there are people that respond to these subtleties.

One bedroom apartment

This might seem a particular example, but there are many individuals that live in one bedroom apartments because they can’t afford to have a bigger one. Imagine the place, imagine a huge bed and imagine the space that is remaining with the rest of the room. The idea here is for the person to feel comfortable and have a sense of “home”, rather than being claustrophobic about living in something not bigger than a “box”. That’s why the idea of a sleeper sofa can actually be a great one. You can choose to retract it only when you are sleeping and the rest of the time, it can l0ok good even in a small apartment.

This is not a rocket science discovery and it might be something that you’ve thought of in the past, but the reality is that being practical is still something new to people everywhere and information is the perfect key to educating anyone. This means that there are various solutions to any problem that you might encounter, even if it is a decision between a bed and a sofa.

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Jane Zane – interior designer and one of the most convinced persons that practical things like the sleepers in Seattle sofas can make a huge difference.