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Housing is a real estate portal that allows end users to find verified property listings. The portal was created by its founders when they could not find verified property listings online. The makers have since tried to come up with new ways to find property listings and offer other services related to property search. Now, barely two and a half years since its inception has become a company whose estimated market value is Rs. 1500 crores.

The firm is essentially a technology company that offers property related services. While end users find it convenient to search for houses, they do not realize that there is mathematics and technology at play every step of the way. constantly analyzes consumer related data to identify service gaps and demand opportunities. Then the portal comes up with new ways to solve these issues.

Search and Get Alerts On Housing

Searching using

Assume you are searching for property in Faridabadfor saleor  houses for rent in bangalore. To initiate the process, you have to log into the website and then select the option marked ‘Buy’. This leads to a search page where you have a search bar. You can type the name of the city or the locality in the city where you want to search for houses.  While you are typing the name, the auto fill option offers you the name which can then be selected by clicking. Immediately after that, the option to select the property type pops up. This allows you to select from among 1RK, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 3BHK+ options. You can choose more than one option in one go. Then you get to choose the sales price bracket. You may leave the latter option out as well. It can be filled in later on. However since price is a major constraint in purchase, it has been provided beforehand. Then you need to click ‘Search’.

The search results are revealed in a map of the locality whose name you would have typed in earlier. There are markers with numbers which represent the location and the number of bedrooms in a house. Now you have the access to multiple filter options. These filter options allows you to view properties according to type(apartments, independent house, independent floor, penthouse), listed by(landlord, broker), listing date, age of property, society amenities etc. These filters have been put into place to ensure that an end user is able to filter properties that match the house requirements as quickly as possible.

Creating an Alert

Assume you have been able to list those flats in Faridabad which closely match your requirements. However you have not found the kind of property that you may have in your mind. You wish to keep on looking for more. Now at this point, you have the option to create an email alert. On top of the filter options, there is an envelope shaped button which says ‘Get Alerts’. By clicking this button you are able to get all the alerts in your inbox regularly. As soon as property is listed in the locality that closely matches your requirements, a mail would be dispatched you instantly.

There is an additional provision to receive ‘Now Cards’ on the app, of you have been using it for the search.

In Conclusion helps end users find properties that closely match their search criteria. The proactive assessment of consumer demand helps.