Secrets To Conquering The Hangover

The night before was a blast, but this morning you are suffering. The inevitable hangover can put a damper on the entire day, and leave an individual feeling downright crummy. After a fun night, a hangover can make you question your actions from the previous night, and promise to not drink like that again. A painful hangover can easily be avoided, so here a few easy tips to ease the pain of a hangover, so that there are only good memories associated with the night before.
Secrets To Conquering The Hangover

Drink A Full Glass Water

Drinking H20 is critical the night before, in preventing a painful hangover the next morning. Alcohol is a diuretic, and will quickly cause the body to become dehydrated; therefore it is essential to drink at least 20 ounces of water before hitting the sheets. It is not necessary to hydrate with an electrolyte filled sports drink since water is just as beneficial, for easy a painful headache, and is significantly cheaper.  To assure that the body stays hydrated, make an effort to order a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage you consume, in order to stay hydrated throughout the night. Staying hydrated with be a key element, in preventing a painful headache the morning after.

Food – Pleanty Of It

Before a night of heavy drinking, choose to eat a filling meal, in order to slow the alcohol absorption. Drinking on an empty stomach will cause alcohol to quickly reach the blood stream, thus causing the individual to quickly become intoxicated. The next morning choose to have a few pieces of bread, in order to bring your blood sugar levels back up.  Having low blood sugar levels will leave an individual feeling moody and exhausted.

Medication – Which Types Work The Best

If you have a pounding headache pop a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pill but steer clear of acetaminophen, such as Tylenol since it can cause liver damage. If you usually take vitamins, then there is not harm in taking them, but there has been no evidence showing they help with a hangover. Alcohol is a depressant, so you can choose to medicate your body naturally, and exercise in order to release endorphins.

These tips will help ease the pain of a hangover, and allow an individual to carry on with their day in a normal manner. Though these tips are helpful, the best way to ease a hangover is with prevention. Everyone has a different limit, and it is essential to learn yours. Limit yourself to one drink and hour, and drink a glass of water along with the alcoholic beverage. This way you can still have a fun night, without having a painful hangover to wake up to.

This post was written by T. Beasley, blogger and wellness expert for; specializing in Sarasota acupuncture treatment and nutritional counseling.