Self Defense Tips For Women

You need to trust your instincts and fight for your life in life and death situations. If you get attacked by a stranger you need to react fast and rely on your own strength. You are stronger than you think.

What do you normally do when you go traveling or leave your house? You prepare your suitcase and check if you didn’t forget anything. What about self-defense techniques? Admit it, you don’t think about these essential life saving skills until it is too late. Every woman should know how to defend herself in a dangerous situation.

What to do if things go Wrong?

They don’t teach such skills in schools or universities, you need to do your homework on your own. Your intuition will guide you. Sometimes you just know when to run and when to hide. Your intuition will help you out in dangerous situations.

Fighting Back

Fighting back works, it saved lives. Physical self-defense techniques, biting, kicking and yelling can be effective in extreme situations. In some cases passive resistance will only increase the chances of you getting injured or raped. Trust your guts, you shouldn’t always fight back during an assault. If you feel that in order to stay alive you need to fight a bit less and wait for a moment to run, then do it. It is better to evaluate your options and the situation.

Here are Some Basic Principles you should follow in case you get Attacked

  • Simplicity is the key. Forget about fancy kicks and acrobatic moves, they won’t save your life. You will not remember all the complex kicks you’ve learned when adrenaline rushes your body. Learn a couple basic kicks and master them till perfection. Your body will remember how to make the right move when the time comes.
  • Use your legs and hips. Your legs are your main weapon. You can kick your attacker with both of your legs if you’re on the ground. This move will knock him off and give you some precious time to escape.
  • Kick your attacker with your elbows;
  • Aim at the vulnerable spots. Attack his groan, eyes, and fingers. If you have a deodorant in your purse, spray it on his face and eyes;
  • What’s around you? Try using things around you to protect yourself. You can use some objects as shields and weapons. You can also break a window to attract someone’s attention;
  • Stay focused. Every second counts when you get attacked, that’s why you shouldn’t hesitate when the right time comes to run away;
  • Scream. Screaming can attract help and scare the attacker off. In some cases it is better to scream “fire!” than “help!”;

shutterstock_103214963If you don’t feel confident you should attend several self-defense classes. Krav Maga is a famous self-defense technique employed by Israeli Defense Force. It will teach you how to protect yourself in extreme situations. You will learn how to use the objects around you to protect yourself and how to attack your opponent in a very effective way. Krav Maga will boost your confidence and strengthen your body.