Several Suppliers Of Stockings Offer Compression Sleeves

Compression stockings are used in medical treatment for post -operative care for burns, the prevention of swelling, prevention of blot clots and more. For burn patients, the pressure helps prevent the overgrowth of scar tissue. Stockings are made from materials such as rubber or elastic and are manufactured for use on the upper or lower body, the limbs or for specific joints such as elbows or ankles. Compression sleeves often cover the arm from the wrist to the shoulder.

Compression sleeves

Athletes wear them to help improve circulation while exercising and to prevent weak blood vessels from bursting. Other professionals such as nurses, teachers and waitresses also wear them to prevent varicose veins from forming. A few manufacturers produce stockings that can be worn with formal or eveningwear; they look just like regular hose. They are available for both men and women’s wear.

By preventing blood or fluid from accumulating, circulation in the area is improved, thus promoting healing to take place. For long-term users, it is recommended that the stocking be replaced every six months, as the materials stretch and wear out due to daily use. For patients in need of stockings with specific compression rates, this is essential. The proper stocking use can aid in the prevention of embolisms, deterioration of blood vessels and strokes.

Several suppliers of stockings offer selections of a single type or from a single manufacturer. One example of a company that offers a wide variety of stockings in strengths, sizes, custom sizes and from different manufacturers is Therapy Stockings.