Shopping Tips When Visiting Food Wholesalers

There are close to 100 wholesale food stores throughout the country. These stores see revenues of more than $20 million every year. They offer customers the chance to purchase food in bulk at a discounted price that is not available in most other venues. Consumers spend more up front and save significantly over time. Anyone shopping with food wholesalers will want to keep several points in mind when preparing shopping lists and picking food from the shelves.
Shopping Tips When Visiting Food Wholesalers
Choose Versatile Foods
A good way to save money when shopping for wholesale foods is to focus on purchasing versatile ingredients. Items such as frozen vegetables, meats and rice are all worthwhile purchases because they are flexible. It is possible to use large amounts of these items in many very different recipes over the course of a month. Purchasing large quantities of items that are not versatile tends to be a waste of money because family members will grow tired of the item very quickly.

Pay Attention To Unit Prices
Food wholesalers often provide very good deals on many products for consumers. They also sometimes stock items that are not discounted. It is important to look at the unit price of different items before making a purchase. Some food items might be on the shelves because they are in season or because a distributor wants to introduce a new product. The unit price for some items might be the same as the retail price in another store. Purchasing these items in bulk is not always a good deal. The unit price will provide a comparable baseline when in doubt about overall value.

Do Not Overbuy Fresh Items
Large families might not have a problem purchasing several pounds of fresh vegetables. Smaller families and couples might. It is important to consider how practical it will be to use or store fresh produce and meats before making a purchase. Although five heads of lettuce might be a very good deal, lettuce does not tend to freeze well or store well in a refrigerator for a long time. This means the produce could go bad before it can be used. One solution is to cook fresh produce immediately at home. Cooked or canned fruits and vegetables will last for a long time in the refrigerator or freezer.

Prepare Space And Containers
A large part of saving money with food wholesalers is getting the most out of every purchase. The food that is taken home will need to last for at least a week and possibly longer. Food that goes bad is wasted money. This is why it is always essential to prepare space in the refrigerator and freezer before visiting a wholesaler. A number of containers and sealable bags should also be cleaned and ready. Packaging the food as soon as the bags are in the home will allow meat, produce and other items last much longer.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs
Most wholesalers require some type of membership or account for regular shoppers. This sometimes comes with an annual membership fee. Some wholesalers are starting to offer additional loyalty programs. These programs can provide extra savings through discounts and specials. Anyone who is regularly shopping at a wholesaler should ask about any loyalty or rewards programs.

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