Should You Hire A Health Coach?

Have you ever considered hiring a health coach to help you reach your health goals?

The health of the general American public is declining and many people are spending more money on pills and prescriptions. This is causing diseases because many people are becoming  unhealthy, depressed and even obese.

You can be healthy by working with a health coach to reach your goals, here are reasons to hire a health coach.

You will keep your New Year’s resolutions
Springtime is here, and many people have already forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions. Imagine if your goals actually came true this year. You don’t have to wait until the next year to follow through. Making a goal for your body can help improve your health. A health coach will show you clear ways to make being a healthy lifetime lifestyle.

You don’t know why you gained weight
Over the years we pack on a few extra pounds and maybe the weight has stayed with you. But if you’re not eating much differently than you used to, you maybe wonder why you are gaining weight. Maybe you are overeating and stress eating, a health coach can help identify the reasons keeping you from losing the extra weight.

A health coach will help you identify the stress triggers and the habits that are keeping you from reaching your ultimate health goals.

You overeat
If you over eat, stress eat or ever eat anytime you want and are not hungry then you may need a health coach. A health coach can help you identify the areas of stress in your life. If you stress eat it could get worse and you will gain more weight, but stop the madness by working with a professional coach.

The things that worked for you to lose weigh might not work now. Let your past be in your past, nothing has worked before, maybe you decided to give up, then chances are you could use a professional to help you reach your goals. Ultimately you want long-term weight loss. Losing weight doesn’t just affect your waistline it can actually affect every part of your health including your smile people who feel better about themselves and weigh a healthy weight tend to smile more and when you smile you have more positive experiences. Your dentist can help you feel more confident with a smile but if not smiling a lot and are overweight and out of shape a health coach can help.

For more health advice visit TenderCare Dental, a dentist in NW Portland. Shannon Kaiser is a health nut who blogs and writes for health proffesionals and about healthy lifestyles.

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