Show Off Your Pearly Whites With A Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

There are many treatments to improve the brightness of one’s smile.  They can be found over the counter in forms such as pastes, gels, and strips, as well as, from a cosmetic dentist.  Austin area residents can choose the type of treatment that will provide the best results they’re looking for, a Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

The makers of Zoom, the leader in teeth whitening formulas, provide the most potent teeth whitening agent only to the professionals for consumer safety.  The dental professional who provides Zoom teeth whitening treatments is trained and educated in the usage of this potent gel to give patients the brightest and whitest pearly whites.

Although there are other treatments available, these other treatments can take quite a bit of time in order to see an improved result.  Where as a treatment from a dental professional proves to show a positive result in about an hour with an in-office Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

A Zoom teeth whitening treatment in Austin can only be provided by your cosmetic dentist.  The procedure consists of the dental professional applying a protective gel over the patient’s gums before applying the potent whitening gel to the teeth.  Then with the assistance of laser technology the gel is activated to deeply penetrate the tooth’s dentin to provide the brightest smile possible.  The laser is used in intervals to increase the whiteness result.  This is especially beneficial for those who suffer with stained teeth.  The complete treatment is finished in about 60 minutes and provides an 8 – 16 times increased whiteness.  This can explain why teeth whitening treatments are the most common requested cosmetic treatments today.  It should be noted that some patients may experience some tooth sensitivity to hot and cold products initially but this will subside.

There are some Zoom teeth whitening dentists that also provide an at-home treatment.  If a patient requests this treatment, the dental professional would make impressions of one’s teeth to provide them a custom made tray.  This tray is worn according to the dentist’s instructions to provide a whiter smile.  Although the powerful Zoom whitening gel is utilized in an at-home treatment, the result isn’t as fast or effective as the in-office treatment, but is more effective than the over-the-counter treatments.

The over-the-counter treatments vary in their effectiveness, as well as, the time it takes to achieve those results.  Most of the products need to be used several times a day for weeks before there’s a noticeable improvement in one’s tooth brightness.  If an individual has stained teeth, the over-the-counter treatments may not have any effect on removing the stains.

There are a number of ways to improve the whiteness of one’s teeth.  They are all effective, just the time frame in results differ.  It’s really up to each individual as to which treatment to utilize but when explained the results, the best way to get the pearly whites is with an in-office Zoom teeth whitening Austin treatment.  Talk with your dental professional about your teeth whitening options.