Simple And Affordable Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

Spring is coming, and now is the time to start thinking home improvement. It is the season of renewal, after all. Putting that same contemplation into your home environment will bring a fresh, breezy air to your living space. When summer hits, you and the family will want to enjoy some much needed sunshine. The weather is still in a flux during the spring, so consider home projects like new wood finish to keep yourself busy and spruce up at the same time.

Mix up the Colors
The days of matching interiors are gone. Today’s modern decor makes the most out of opposites. Swap out your color scheme with complementary opposites to brighten up a room. For instance, in a room with white features, pick a key wall and paint it a dark color such as burgundy or forest green. Now, pick up some little accessories to utilize that one color like inexpensive throw pillows in the same shade. Run down to the local dollar store, buy candles in that color and situate them around the room, as well. The goal is to create a light vs. dark appeal. Light walls, light furniture and dark accessories mix up the colors in a pleasing way.

Stencil Old Furniture
Hand painted furniture gives a warm, homey feel to a room, and is a practical way to use some old pieces. Start by painting a dresser, coffee or end table white. Pick up some stencils at a craft store and create a design on the piece that catches the eye. Painting furniture is budget friendly option for revamping a home. Here are some quick tips to make it work.

  • If buying second-hand furniture to fix up, don’t pay more than 20 dollars for a piece.
  • Look for wood furniture that is sturdy and functional. Don’t get distracted by nicks in the wood finish or ugly knobs – this is stuff you can fix. Just concentrate on the lines of the piece and the overall condition.

Add Curb AppealSimple And Affordable Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Spring
Spring is a good time to think about sprucing up the outside of the house by upgrading the mailbox, painting trim and adding some flowerpots. Swapping out the house numbers and changing the door hardware in an inexpensive way to improve look, as well. Think upgrade when making plans. Select colors that contrast but compliment the exterior of the house. If the outside is white, paint the trim a dark color, for example. Lose the metal house numbers and put up ceramic tiles instead.

Do-it-on-a-dime decorating for spring is both chic and smart. With new colors and few small touches, you’ll brighten things up and make the most out of spring-cleaning this year.

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