Simple Tricks To Get Ready For Bikini Season

It’s the time again, the time of year that’s simultaneously longed for and dreaded all year long. Of course, wearing a bikini – no matter how teeny weeny – is more than how toned your middle is. Think outside the fitness box and focus on other often neglected ways to get your body ready.

Watch What You Eat

Clearly, you shouldn’t stuff down a double cheeseburger and fries before hitting the beach or pool but there are some other ways to alter your nutrition slightly to avoid belly bloat. Drinking lots of water is number one. While it seems counter-intuitive, the more water you drink, the less water weight your body holds onto. Cut back on processed carbs as they can make your body hold on to water weight. Skip the morning bagel and have some fresh fruit and a boiled egg, instead.


Your house’s garden certainly gets enough attention during the warmer months so don’t skimp on personal landscaping. As most women know, the sun is an unforgiving gift: warm, comforting, enjoyable, but it doesn’t minimize anything on our bodies. The last thing we want is to find a few stray hairs on our bikini lines or under our arms as we’re lounging poolside. Start before bikini season and invest in laser hair removal! The laser targets coarse dark hairs (the worst kind) without affecting the state of your skin. Your skin may look and feel sunburned the next day but it quickly dissipates. The hair will fall out over the next month and within three to five treatments. You can easily find laser hair removal in Utah and around the U.S., and 90% of recipients have permanent hair loss. Say good bye to your waxing, ladies!

Simple Tricks To Get Ready For Bikini Season

Watch Out for What Skin Care Products You’re Using

If you use intense skin care products for things like acne treatment or skin tightening regimens, check the label or ask your doctor if you’re going to have an adverse reaction if you spend prolonged amounts of time in the sun. Ingredients like alpha hydroxy or products like Retin A can increase the skin’s sensitivity and either lead to skin irritation or make the skin easier to burn if the skin is exposed to direct sunlight.

Sunscreen – Everywhere

To fully protect the skin, you’re going to need a variety of sunscreen products. Take care to choose a proper SPF and do your whole body, even if it’s covered up by your swim suit. Get places like behind the ears and the bottom of your feet and don’t forget sunscreen for your face. Even if your makeup has an SPF in it, chances are it’s not strong enough. Double up to be safe. Some companies even make an SPF hair protectant to prevent your hair from frying.

Bikini season isn’t just about a toned bottom and impressive abs. Take time to care for the rest of your body; beauty is so much more than a trim body.