6 Active Ingredients For A Skin Whitening Tablets

6 Active Ingredients For A Skin Whitening TabletsMany businesses have engaged in the field of skin lightening. Since many women continuously grow interest in beautifying their skin, many companies also continue integrating different effective ingredients into skin whitening pills or tablets. Among these many ingredients are listed below.


Placental Protein

The use of placental protein has been around for ages. Even Cleopatra, an influential woman during the ancient times of Egypt, used the skin whitening power of placenta. The placenta is actually an organ that helps support the fetus in the womb by connecting it to the uterine wall to supply it with nutrients and oxygen, and provide venue for waste excretion. The placental protein can be found both from the humans and animals, and in some rare cases, even eaten after birth. The protein is very popular as an active ingredient in many skin whitening products, specifically in pills, that are sold greatly by many cosmetic companies. The placental protein works by tapping and transforming old skin cells to convert into young and new skin cells and produce a fairer, clearer and wrinkle-free skin.  When the protein comes in contact with the body, the effect works very immediately to regenerate the skin cells.


Another protein present in every the organs and tissues of the body is the collagen. It actually gives the body its proper composition and structure, providing the skin and cartilage firmness and elasticity. Through time, studies have shown that there are actually about 30 types of collagen with Type 1 being the dominant. The Type 1 collage is considered to be the best type for skin care and supplement; needless to say that it’s already established how collagen itself promotes skin elasticity that prevents aging and stimulates skin whitening. As we continue to grow older, however, the collagen production also continuously degrades which will evidently show signs of aging. The good thing is that these signs can be slowed down when we increase the collagen level in our bodies. That is why many people have turned to using collagen in getting a healthy and younger-looking skin simply because increasing collagen in our bodies is the most rational way to help reverse aging.

Vitamin C

In almost all foods that we eat daily, Vitamin C is detected. In fact, Vitamin C contains the most important work in every vitamin in the market. Because it is a powerful and effective anti-oxidant, many people especially the children, take Vitamin C either through the food or pills. Aside from its benefit as a protector of our bodies, it is also effective in the field of skin whitening. The vitamin works by reducing the production of melanin to prevent the fast darkening of the skin due to the sun’s UV rays. Vitamin C also helps in increasing the collagen production to reverse the signs of aging and wrinkles. People choose to buy supplement pills rather than through food to gain its maximum potential as a skin lightening agent.

Asparagus Extract

Asparagus is a good vegetable to include in every person’s dietary plan. It’s low in calories and contains many vitamins and minerals that offer full body nutrition. It’s also a rich source of Rutin that strengthens the entire circulatory system organs and thus, help cleanse and detoxify the body. Asparagus is definitely an all-around vegetable and its benefits extend even to the field of skin bleaching. The extract of this vegetable is very excellent in developing a healthy, light and fair skin since it contains Vitamin C, B and other substances that are very effective in skin lightening.


Glutathione is very popular across Asia because of its skin whitening effects. It’s mechanism in doing so involves inhibiting the melanin, the pigment responsible for giving the skin its tone, and thus, promoting a whiter and fairer skin. More importantly, Glutathione is the master antioxidant of every body and present in every cell therein. It protects us from free radicals in penetrating our cells that could weaken our immune system.  Its skin whitening benefits is actually a side effect, that’s why companies greatly magnify this effect to give users results beyond expectations. Glutathione is sometimes contained in soaps, lotions, cosmetics, but most people prefer taking it orally or through pills. Glutathione works depending on the skin type, but after a month or two, huge differences can be seen in the skin color.


Another popular active ingredient in lightening and promoting sameness in the tone of skin is the Metathione. This substance is actually a Glutathione supplement so basically, the two ingredients mostly have the same benefits. Metathione is an antioxidant and can be very potential in curing diseases of the heart, lungs and liver. In the cosmetics’ perspective, Metathione works by plummeting the amount of melanin being produced. In its area of origin, Japan, it is also considered to be a food supplement. It is a healthy skin lightening ingredient that may call for an expensive price; however, it is very effective for those who want to quicken the whitening process of their skin.

Suzanne Boleche is a Health & Beauty expert and is well known in her native Philippines for her generous heart and open spirit.