Space-Saving Ideas For Condos

Condos can be exceptional investments, but they can be space-challenged. This impediment requires ingenuity and space-saving furniture to ensure that the room has all the necessary pieces to make the room functional and comfortable. Space-saving furniture is becoming more popular, but people are unfamiliar with the product offering. Here are some space-saving furniture ideas available to people.

1. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are excellent space-savers. These beds retract into the wall when not in use. The mattresses are fully functional with all the attributes of a normal mattress. The contemporary design allows the space to be used for multiple purposes. When the bed is retracted, the room can be used as a meeting room. With the proper hydraulics, the bed will lower slowly, quietly, and effortlessly. The design of the Murphy bed will depend upon the existing décor around the bed.

2. Seven-Drawer Storage Bed

This type of bed sits atop a platform with drawers beneath. If space is a concern in the bedroom, try this solution instead of a separate chest-of-drawers. There are several companies in Canada that offer these types of solutions. The drawers are considered to be a perfect hiding space for pillows and blankets. There can be three to five drawers included on the bed for storage space.

3. Convertible Bunk Bed Couch

One designer offers a convertible bunk bed couch. The furniture can serve as a couch during the day and at night the kids can sleep on a bunk bed. This saves space and allows home owners to use the space for multiple purposes.

4. Space-Saving Kid’s Furniture

Kid’s furniture design is quite impressive. Designers are building vertically instead of trying to fill the room. You will find many beds situated on platforms or lofts to save space and keep the room more open. Some beds on platforms will have desk space that can be retracted into the space below the bed. Drawers may also be featured below the bed.

Some designs feature two beds on a platform with a desk in between. This keeps the space below open and spacious. It makes the rooms feel bigger.

5. Convertible Couch-Bed

Foldable furniture is not the only way to save space. Designers are making furniture that can make different pieces by being pushed together. For instance, apart a home owner can have two semi-circular couches. Together, the two pieces will form a full circular bed. This convertible bed-couch is a hit in many homes.

6. Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are another space saving design. These chairs can be separated into three pieces and placed around the room, or they can be stacked into one couch-like piece of furniture. It is a great way to conserve space.

These ideas are all affordable and can make a small studio apartment or other small space feel less claustrophobic. Try a few of these ideas and determine how it works for you.

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Ian Stainthrope is a Toronto condo resident who has always struggled to place all of his possessions in his small home. Upon discovering Modern Sensibility, he was pleasantly surprised to find how space-saving furniture could provide extra storage for his miscellaneous items and also provide him more mobility within his home.

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