Special Atmosphere: How To Dine In Elegance At Home

While everyone does love a good meal, over 50 percent of those that dine out regularly state they will not be heading to a fine dining restaurant in the next six months. Luckily, it is now easier than ever for couples, families, and friends to enjoy fine dining right from the comfort of their own home with these simple tips and tricks to make any night unforgettable.

The Perfect Host

While the ideal dinner party or fine dining affair at home is going to require some planning and supplies, the single most important component of this process is a relaxed, friendly, and hospitable host. Whether it is a dozen guests for a company party or a nice night in with the spouse, everyone is there to enjoy one another’s company. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to set a timeline, including purchasing all supplies and groceries, and sticking to it.

Special Atmosphere: How To Dine In Elegance At Home

Anticipate the Guests’ Needs

Many hosts do not realize just how many small details go into fine dining. Fine dining restaurants have perfected the art of anticipating their clientele’s needs, and this goes a long ways toward transforming a dinner party into an upscale dining experience. A few simple add-ons that many tend to overlook for these events include having ice water chilled and available, keeping appetizers on-hand at all times, preparing coffee or tea for after the meal, and keeping the bathrooms clean and stocked.

Upgrade the Serving Ware

Having the correct serving ware to present the food and drinks is almost as important as the food itself. All serving ware should match perfectly and be tailored to the food and drinks that will be served. Hosts will also want to have a different set of serving ware and utensils for every course and find the correct glasses for beverages such as champagne flutes or customized wine glasses. For some examples of wine glasses, check out Crystalizeonline or a vendor near you.

Setting the Atmosphere

With the general timeline laid out, the food prepared, and the supplies purchased, it is time to begin thinking about what kind of atmosphere the host would like to set. Typically, hosts will want to carry out a few simple steps such as preparing a waiting area for cocktails and appetizers, lowering the lights, and having ambient music. Others steps such as lighting a few candles or opening shades for any lingering sunlight is another great way to set the atmosphere.

A fine dining experience does not need to be synonymous with expensive restaurant outings. With just a few basic supplies and a little planning, hosts can create the perfect fine dining atmosphere in their own home.