Spooky Sights: The Strangest Eye Contact Lenses Ever Seen

For most people who wear contact lenses, there is nothing out of the ordinary about their daily vision correction routine. But within the last decade, there have been many advancements in contact lens technology that have allowed what was primarily designed to help people in a medical capacity to become a means of artistic expression and aesthetic deception. One of the most visible examples of this phenomenon are the contacts which erase the appearance of your colored irises.  Controversial metal singer and performer, Marilyn Manson, wears this popular model of lenses in order to shock his audience with a sinister stare. The new options are endless – and contrary to what you might think, these special effects lenses are available for purchase without a prescription from an eye doctor.

Unusual Animal Eyes: Contact Lenses that Defy Nature



Most contact lens consumers that choose a tinted lens option hope to change their eye color while still looking natural – some even hope that their family and friends won’t notice the enhancement. But when it comes to special effects lenses, wearers are definitely prepared to stand out. Take, for instance, the contact lenses that are designed to mix animalistic elements into your otherwise human appearance.  Cat eye contact lenses are all the rage, even for daily wear: shaping your pupil into an elongated diamond shape, and adding neon yellow highlights to your irises, these lenses fall along the conservative end of the spectrum of these unusually freaky lenses. You can also buy lizard eye lenses, which are perfect for a more intimidating look than the feline lenses.  Creating the proper coloring and shadows through ultra-thin lens technology, you’ll be looking like a reptile in no time.

Bright Eyes in the Night: Showstopper Contacts for the Club

When dancing among the crowd at your favorite nightclub, it can be difficult to discern the features of those around you. According to new trends, however, many people are turning to colored, vibrant, even shocking disposable contact lenses in order to catch someone’s eye – literally. One of the most popular options is the pair of glow in the dark contact lenses, which are available in a variety of neon colors and are guaranteed to last an entire evening in brightness without affecting your vision. Another option is to get lenses in an unexpected flirtatious shape, such as turning your irises into a heart shape, or flower shape, through shadowing technology. If you’d like a special effect in your eyes that is more subtle, yet still shocking, try an unexpected pair of these disposable lenses, such as a bright violet shade, or a dreamy orange reminiscent of a sunset.

Creepy Contacts: Guaranteed to Scare

Eyes can be incredibly revealing in terms of showcasing our emotions and interests, as their involuntary movements and angles of gaze can give away even our darkest secrets. Why not defy the odds – and scare your friends and family in the process – with a pair of contacts that completely blackens your eyes to the world?  Though you’ll be able to see through these special lenses just fine, onlookers will wonder if your eyes are extremely dilated from drugs, and injury, or evil spirits that need to be exorcised from your body. In a similar vein, you might choose a pair that turn your eyes into stars or spirals, other shapes that suggest fantasy and mysticism, and very purposefully fail to look natural. A final more spooky option is to select a pair of special effect lenses that make your eyes look extremely bloodshot or injured – in fact, a lot of the Hollywood film sets turn to these contact lenses to put a final touch on their special effects makeup without more expensive options like surgery, implants, or even computer enhancement in post-production.