Stats and Facts: Not-to-Ignore Signs That You’re Out Of Your Depth With Your Teen

The teen years are full of new experience that can cause significant stress in the lives of teens and their parents. Teens like to experiment with their lives in all kinds of ways. They might begin to hang around the wrong types of people. Negative outside influences can make them feel safe for a time, but then they realize that they have taken a harmful path. As a parent, you can’t let your teen’s destructive behavior destroy their lives. The following signs must not be ignored—they could mean that you need to seek help for your teen.

Bad Grades

If your teen’s grades suddenly make a turn for the worse, you must take action. The child needs extra help if their grades used to satisfy the high expectations you have for them but have recently dropped to unacceptable levels. Talk to your child’s teachers to figure out what may cause their grades to suffer. They might skip class or fail to turn in homework assignments. The child might also need help in a class. Ask for ways to get tutoring for your child.

Stats and Facts Not-to-Ignore Signs That You're Out Of Your Depth With Your Teen

Substance Abuse

Your teen should know that substances cause problems. You have probably taught them to stay away from drugs from before they even knew what drugs were. But now they have taken matters into their own hands and tried drugs or alcohol. You can’t condemn them too harshly or they will never listen to your concerns. A specialist from Buford & Gonzalez says teen drinking and substance abuse often leads to even more destructive behaviors, particularly driving while under the influence. You can get help from a school psychologist or a guidance counselor first. You may also consider asking your teen’s doctor for advice on how to get them to quit doing drugs.

Bad Friends

You know you may be losing your child when they begin spending time with friends who engage in risky and harmful behavior. You must try everything you can to ensure a positive influence remains in their life. Inform the parents of their friends about the situation, if you feel it’s appropriate. When teens participate in dangerous or illegal behaviors as a group, the parents can work together to help each teen resist peer pressure.

Staying Out All Night

Your teen shouldn’t be staying out all night, even on the weekends. You have no idea where they spend their time when they don’t come home that night. They could be trying things they shouldn’t try. And who knows what type of influence these people or places can have on them. You must try to establish boundaries. They can stay out on weekends if you know where they intend to spend their time.

The realization that your teen rebels against your authority can cause emotions to run high. You might even wonder where you went wrong as a parent. But these stages of rebellion are normal don’t always last very long. In the meantime, you must support your child to the best of your abilities.