Stay Fit Mentally and Physically With These Hobbies

Whether you’re single and looking to mingle, married with kids or married to your occupation and career driven, you need to have some sort of hobby in your life that extracts you from the stress of reality. Hobbies keep you mentally and physically fit, working as a stress alleviator and often as a method by which you can exercise and exert energy. Finding the right hobby can be difficult and we will all have different interests, but here are some ideas and examples of hobbies that will help keep you physically and mentally fit.


 If there’s one thing us women love doing when we need to let our hair down, it’s dancing. Dancing – perhaps more than anything else in the world – alleviates stress and burns calories in a way that’s fun and enjoyable.

Zumba is a dance fitness program developed throughout the 1990s that incorporates soca, samba, salsa, hip-hop, merengue, belly dancing, and martial arts in its choreography. The variation of styles mixed into zumba makes it unpredictable and exciting. While its simplicity means anyone can learn zumba moves, providing they have enough of the right attitude and approach to go on a regular basis.


Zumba is by no means relaxing and by the end of a session you will feel shattered as well as exhilarated.

It also isn’t too hard or expensive to prepare for and all you’ll need are some comfortable exercising clothes, or perhaps a cheap outfit from Move Dancewear and you’ll be ready to go.


There are a good few reasons why swimming is a fantastic hobby option for women. The first is that it keeps us fit – and we won’t feel uncomfortable being covered in sweat, as we’ll be in water. The second is arguably the most important and that is the effects swimming has on our posture and back muscles.


Chronic back pains are a common problem throughout society and regular swimming can help relieve lower back stress, while also keeping the rest of your body’s joints mobile. An excellent form of low impact aerobic conditioning, swimming is fantastic for our muscles and joints.


Running is simply the easiest exercising pastime and all you really need to do it are a comfortable pair of running shoes. The great thing about running is that whereas swimming and zumba classes will most probably require some sort of regular fee and sign up process, running is free and can be turned into a hobby at whim. It can also be changed for another hobby if you feel like it isn’t quite for you, without having already paid a sign-up fee, as you may have done with swimming or zumba.


Another great thing about running is that if you’re a music lover, it gives you a great opportunity to really zone out into your favourite tunes and catch some great alone time.

Alternatively, you could join a running group, which is a great way to make friends and keep yourself motivated, as you’ll be forced to keep up with your companions.