Summer Skin Transition

Summer Skin TransitionThe summer is beginning to come to a close, but the heat isn’t backing down just yet. This is the time of year when the weather hasn’t quite decided if it wants to be summer or fall, and your skin often has to pay the price. One day you may feel drier, and the next day your skin is a little too shiny for your liking.

Our skin automatically gets a little drier in the fall and winter months due to many different factors. When the heat gets turned on in your home, the moisture in your house goes down dramatically. As the cold begins to set in, we tend to take longer, hotter showers. Even the cold winter wind just sucks the moisture right out of your glowing skin. These factors all affect our skin, leading to the use of thicker moisturizers that have to be used a little more often.

But what do you do when the weather hasn’t quite reached that point yet? The weather can’t decide what it wants to do, and you can’t decide what plan to follow for your skin. Our suggestion is to stick to the summer routine and pamper yourself a little more often. Drink water as often as you can. Staying on the summer plan will help as the weather turns colder, as you’re hydrating yourself from the inside out. This will be important for your skin by the time fall officially sets in.

The fall doesn’t mean heavy sweaters, gloves, and scarves just yet! There is still plenty of outside fun to partake in. Continue to keep your face glowing by exfoliating at least two to three times a week. This will help get rid of any extra dead skin, while keeping the blood circulating to create that natural rosy glow. Keep in mind that you’ll still want to use your SPF. Just because you aren’t lounging by the pool in your bathing suit, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t affecting your skin. No matter what the season, those nasty UVA “aging” rays are trying to damage our skin year round. Keep that SPF handy despite the cooler weather.

We aren’t saying you need to pull out your winter products just yet, but you may want to think about starting to use that heavier moisturizer about twice a week. Our bodies heal the most while we sleep, which is why a nightly routine may be the most important part of successful skin care. Using a heavier hydrator or a nice moisturizing mask a few times a week may also help offset the coming fall weather.

The fall season is the perfect time to visit your local esthetician to pamper and prep your skin for the cooler months to come. Be sure to note what products you currently have so you and your esthetician can discuss the products you need and figure out your skin care plan of action for the coming seasons.

Written by Stacey Dexter, owner of a hair salon in Columbia, MO called The Clip Joint Salon & Spa. Their services include hair styling, nails, massages and more.