Summertime Fun And Treats For Kids

The days are getting longer and pretty soon the weather will be getting warmer. For kids, summer means one thing: freedom. For parents, summer means something else: challenge. It’s a challenge to keep them entertained, it’s a challenge to keep them safe and it’s a challenge to keep them eating healthy. One way to combat this challenge is to engage them in an activity that keeps them busy for hours, keeps them right in front of your window and makes them parched for a cool drink (which you can infuse with all sorts of healthy fruit concoctions). What is this miracle activity you ask? It is of course, the bouncy castle.

Hire a bouncy castle and your kids will entertain themselves for hours, right under your nose. All it requires is a phone call and a power socket. The bouncy castle hire company and the kids will do the rest. While they are tiring themselves out, you can be blending some of the following healthy treats to help them cool down afterwards.

Engage the kids in the process by asking them what fruits they would like to include. Chop up the fruit and add it to a blender with some juice. To thicken it up, add some yogurt. Make it a challenge for them by seeing how many different fruits they can blend together (this is a great way for getting them to eat lots of different types of fruit without even realising it!).

Ice Pops
Always a childhood favourite, ice pops are simple to make and can be made with any flavour. Pick up some ice pop moulds in your local supermarket and fill them with juice. Add a few diced berries and place in the freezer overnight. The ice pop moulds will come with handles but when little hands inevitably lose them out in the garden, replace them with wooden lollipop sticks.

Iced Fruit Shakes
Chop up some mango and pineapple and blend it with some ice. Serve with straws. Kids love this one because it has the consistency of slushies. Other popular flavours include coconut, melon and banana. If you are feeling really optimistic, you could make carrot shakes!

Non-alcoholic Sangria
Cut up some oranges, apples and pears. Add them to a pitcher with some chilled cranberry juice. Throw in a few grapes and some fancy cocktail sticks. Serve with a straw and a spoon. The kids will love the novelty of scooping out the fruit from the end of their glasses.

This article was written by Jenna Crotty who recommends www.dublinbounce.ie if you want to hire a bouncy castle.

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