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4 Bad Spending Habits That Can Ruin A Relationship

You hear it all the time: The number one reason people get divorced is over money. In fact, a recent study showed how couples who disagreed over money were 30-40 percent more likely to get divorced.

Summer’s End: A Good Time To Clean The Garage

The summer can be a hard time for a garage. The bicycles, baseball bats, rakes, lawn mowers and other outdoor implements that hang unused throughout winter get pulled out again and again, and they

Artificial Evergreens: Not Just For Christmas Anymore

Artificial Christmas trees are a godsend for people who want to celebrate the joy of Christmas without the hassle. Artificial trees, though, have their own problems. Are you getting the most out of your

Plan Now To Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

Even with the down economy, the pressure to spend money during the holidays is greater than ever. There’s almost an obligation to purchase a gift for everyone – from your family to the mailman.

Buying Now to Save Later

Now that spring is managing to peek through in most parts of the country, you’re probably looking forward to a summer full of your favorite activities. Financially, that may mean you have some additional