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Fashion Trends This Navratri

One of the most awaited festivals of nine-days is around the corner. The festival is famous for Dandiya and fasting for nine days then kanjak-pujan. Let’s explore the latest fashion trends this Navratri like

USA A Life Time Memorable Trip For Explorers

USA is a land equipped with both naturally and artificial fascinating structures that all kind of explorers would like to see or visit. It’s naturally beauty has made this land special and as if

15 Quotes About Men For Every Girl To Remember

The simple truth of life is, that men and women are totally different creatures who still can’t live without each other. Many researches, books, songs, articles, and blog posts have been written on the

3 Health Facts That Are Related To Our Hair Color

We all know that the color of our natural hair is closely related to our type of skin. There are some other interesting health facts that have been proven to be associated with your

Double Discrimination: Why Women With Disabilities Suffer Twice

Whenever you fall into two categories that are discriminated against separately, it’s often twice as hard to deal with it. This applies to women who have disabilities. It can definitely be a difficult combination

Hosting A Wedding Shower: 5 Delicacies You Can Serve

Wedding showers are one of the most popular events to celebrate the soon to be married couple, complete with beautiful decorations and food that will impress the guests. By serving a few delicacies, it

Self Defense Tips For Women

You need to trust your instincts and fight for your life in life and death situations. If you get attacked by a stranger you need to react fast and rely on your own strength.

7 Critical Nutrients Every Woman Should Have in Her Diet

The nutritional needs of young girls are practically the same as for young boys. However, once a girl reaches adolescence, her body begins to change in ways that necessitate closer attention to the nutrients