Teen Peer Pressure: The Underlying Reason For Repeated Shoplifting

Although many teenagers go through a shoplifting phase, it is still imperative for their parents to pay close attention to the warning signs of this issue. After all, if a teen is caught shoplifting, they could end up dealing with serious legal consequences. Therefore, you should never act as if shoplifting is not a crime, and you should also pay close attention to the negative influences in your teenager’s life that will encourage them to repeatedly participate in criminal activity.

Teen Peer Pressure The Underlying Reason For Repeated Shoplifting

Why do so Many Teens Shoplift?

Statistics indicate that most teenagers start shoplifting because they are bored and are seeking a thrill. Additionally, some teens steal items because they do not have enough money to go shopping. However, the majority of young shoplifters were goaded into taking criminal action by at least one of their peers, and this interaction can easily convince them to steal multiple times. Because of this, it is a good idea to ensure that your teenager understands the potential legal consequences of shoplifting before they allow themselves to be talked into doing something that they will regret.

Legal Consequences of Teenage Shoplifting

Even if your teen only gets caught shoplifting once, they are still likely to deal with legal consequences. For example, law enforcement officers are almost always called, and this will cause your teenager to end up being taken to the police station in handcuffs. Additionally, the store will probably ban your teen from entering one of their locations for at least a year, and you might be forced to pay a fine. Stores also have the option of entering your teenager’s name into a national retail register of shoplifters, and this can cause complications later on when they try to find a job.

What Happens if My Teen is Caught Multiple Times?

A repeat shoplifting offender will definitely be dealt with more harshly than a teen that has been picked up for their first criminal offense. They could even legally be looked at as an adult depending on their age and the area that you live in. In other words, a repeat offender is likely to end up with a criminal record that might not be eligible to be expunged later on, and they could even end up in a juvenile detention facility or local jail.

Regardless of whether or not the legal system ends up being more lenient, your teenager will still most likely find it more difficult to get a job or enroll in the college of their choice after they are convicted of shoplifting. If your teen gets into legal trouble, it is vital to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney that is experienced in juvenile law in your area. One Orlando Florida criminal attorneys firm, Katz & Phillips, PA, stated “Juvenile court is an entity all to itself, so choosing just any attorney won’t do. If you select a lawyer who is more familiar with adult court, you may be doing your child a grave disservice.”

Juvenile court is an entity all to itself, so choosing just any attorney won’t do. If you select a lawyer who is more familiar with adult court, you may be doing your child a grave disservice. – See more at: http://www.orlandocriminalteam.com/juvenile-crime-defense-attorney/#sthash.gUPJEpTs.dpuf

The consequences of shoplifting can end up being much more severe than most teens realize. Although it is understandable that you will be upset and disappointed in your teen’s behavior if they get caught shoplifting, you will need to put that aside long enough to take steps to help them protect their future.

Legal writer and mother to 3 teens, Lisa Coleman understands and shares why repeated shoplifting is so popular among today’s teens, and discusses the legal ramifications that can accompany it. Katz & Phillips, P.A., an Orlando Florida criminal attorneys firm, is knowledgeable in juvenile law and represents teen clients who have been charged with shoplifting within the state of FL.

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