The Amazing Running Man Show- Why People Love It

Since the Korean show, running man, was released into the market, people have been excited and full of praise for it. The show has attracted people who have never appreciated the Korean based shows. This gives you a reason to go online and watch the running man eng sub during your free time.

The show, which has had more than 175 episodes, has been appreciated world wide. It has English subtitles, and interesting members of the cast

Details about Running Man

The show revolves around the city life, and many members of the cast are given tasks to accomplish. Each of the cast members must carry out their mandate in such a way that they come out as smart and capable to win in the final end.

The members of the cast include:

  • Yoo Jae Suk
  • Ji Suk Jin
  • Ha Ha
  • Lee Kwang Soo
  • Kang Gary
  • Song Jing Hyo
  • Kim Jong Kook

In some of the episodes, there may be fewer guests. The members of the cats will normally be given tasks, which must be won in order for them to receive presents. If not, they will be heavily penalized. The tasks also keep changing so that no viewer will have an excuse to get bored.

All the missions involve racing, and every guest has to at least try and avoid punishments or at least win a prize. Yoo Jae Suk is the main host of the show and he has capabilities to escape more than other members of the cast. Gary is gullible, but at the same time honest. Ha Ha will be the cast member that everyone picks on due to his height.

Ji Suk is the oldest member of the show, while Kim Jong kook is the strongest man. Kwang Soo is young and tall, and he is very timid, making other members of the cast to pick on him. The only female cast member is known as Song Ji Hyo, and she comes out as strong individual and as smart as the male counter parts.

The Amazing Running Man Show- Why People Love It

The show is exciting and humorous as you watch various episodes with various themes. You will also be interested to find all the casts fighting to be crowned as champions. Different personalities also come out from each of the cast members, and you will easily find some one to love depending on your personality.

There are many special series within the episodes that come with story telling and movie like features. These series have made many viewers to keep glued to their screens as they follow through the narrations and the humor.

Episodes will normally begin when every cast member is locked up in a land of Seoul. They will be then be released to play their game until the time when the night approaches when they are locked till the following morning.

The show is not scripted, which means that the elements are not original. As such, one must not be too serious about the show, which is a good thing. The show allows you to look at life from the fun point of view.

What Do People Think About Running Man?

It has been evident that everyone loves this show. It is not very easy to find people admitting that they are hooked a South Korean movie or show. However, this one is exceptional! Many people have opted to either download this show, and follow up every episode or even just watch the running man eng sub online.

People however complain that there are some episodes that are really not worth while watching. Such episodes are said to be the ones including a woman. This may come from the notion that such episode lacks a sense of prowess and might, which everyone wants to see in such shows.

Some of the guests are also more loved than others. These include Ji Hyo and Ji Suk. As such, people will be interested to watch the episodes when these tough competitors are running. However, it is when all these characters are working together that the show becomes very interesting and exciting.