The Art Of Blending Modern and Vintage Home Decor

If you love both vintage and modern furniture, artwork and design, then you may want to incorporate both visions into the interior design of your home. A well-balanced approach can result in a gorgeous design that looks expensive and professionally-done. Here are some tips that you should remember as you mix vintage and modern looks in your home. The results will impress you and may even inspire you with future home renovation projects.

1. Maintain a Uniform Color Scheme

Using too many colors in one room can lead to a confusing design concept. Instead, you should pick one or two colors and remain consistent in your use of them in a room. If you use too many vintage and modern pieces of different colors, your design is likely to clash. Instead of mixing yellow, purple and pink, try using a variety of magenta hues in a room for a rich look. While magenta may initially seem like an odd choice, it’s a surprisingly striking choice.

2. Maintain an Overall “formal” or “casual” look

If you try to combine formal antique furniture with casual modern pieces, you are also headed for disaster in creating an interior design that is consistent. Instead, try to remain consistent in whether you choose to use formal or casual pieces. If you want to create a formal room, then perhaps you use an antique dinner table, chairs and pillows with a modern crystal chandelier. If you want a casual look, then try using shabby-chic pieces with modernistic accessories, like floating lights.

The Art Of Blending Modern and Vintage Home Decor

If you really want to embrace a shabby-chic or antique farm design, then you may even decide to rent unique lofts in Houston or any city for that matter. Renting a loft can help you explore some of your interior design ideas and achieve the look you want.

3. Re-purpose and upholster Old Furniture

Re-purposing old furniture can give it a fabulous modern look without hampering your budget. You can maintain a nice balance between vintage and modern by adding new fabric to a set of dining room chairs. Perhaps you also add details to a chair, such as gems or painted accents. These added touches can also make an old piece of furniture look more modern. Thrift shops are a great place to check out for affordable old furniture. You can also test out your ideas on cheap pieces of furniture that you purchase from thrift shops. If you don’t like an idea, then you won’t have to worry about having ruined or wasted a piece of furniture.

4. Incorporate Modern Accents, like throw Pillows

Throw pillows, candles and paintings are all accents that can give a modern edge to a room. The best part is that you can frequently change these accents to achieve a new look in the room.

These tips can help you achieve a look that you love in your home.  They aren’t overly complicated or complex. Just remember to maintain balance and consistency in your approach to design, and you should end up with a beautiful home.