The Art Of Brewing Coffee At Home

There is nothing quite like enjoying a good cup of coffee at home before the day begins or curling up and relaxing with one on a weekend. What makes a cup of coffee so enjoyable depends on how it is made. Everything matters from how the beans are roasted, the coffee is grinded, the quality of the water, and what coffee machine is used in the art of brewing coffee at home.

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The Coffee Bean

Many parts of the world are known for their coffee beans such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. But what makes those coffee beans the best, is how they are roasted. For the freshest cup of coffee, purchase your coffee beans when they are green, unroasted, and roast them at home.

There are many different ways to roast coffee beans from a stovetop roaster like a popcorn popper, in a fireplace, in an oven, or if you are willing to spend more money – with a home coffee roasting machine. If you decide to use a method other than a home coffee roasting machine that turns the beans for you, make sure the beans are always in motion to make sure they do not burn. Depending on how light or dark a roast you want, you will have to vary the temperature and the time it takes to roast the beans. After roasting the beans, wait 24 hours before grinding them to ensure that they have cooled and reached the full flavor.

Coffee Grinders for the Best Grounds

I’ve used a blade coffee grinder for years, but because of how the coffee grinder is created, some coffee grounds turn out more fine than the rest. A burr grinder might be your best bet for the perfect cup of coffee because the coffee grounds are cut to be the same size consistently in comparison to the blade grinder.

Water Quality

Make sure the water you use is cold and as clean as possible. If your tap water has a strong smell, purchase a filter for it or use bottled water instead. Water should be boiled at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you wish to make cold-filtered coffee, just keep water at room-temperature for brewing and allow it to sit anywhere from 12 to 72 hours (24 hours is recommended the most) with a plastic wrap covering the top. After you have waited for the desired amount of time, pour it into a glass with ice.

A High Performing Coffee Machine

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The coffee beans, grinder, and water are all equally important factors when brewing coffee at home, but what really makes the difference is the machine that makes the coffee. Be sure to invest in a quality coffee machine and not just something you casually find at the store for a couple of bucks. DēLonghi coffee makers are good examples to coffee machines that are worth their price, but do a bit of research before purchasing to pick the perfect model! With a high quality coffee maker, you can do so much more than just brew coffee. You can filter the water, froth, steam, or customize how you want your coffee to be. Some coffee machines even have milk systems to make the perfect cappuccino, lattes, and macchiato. A high quality coffee machine will save you time in brewing the perfect cup for anytime of the day at home.

If you are ready to amaze your taste buds and wake up to the freshest coffee there can be, follow these tips and you will never go back to how you used to make coffee at home.

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