The Benefits Of Self Storage

Storage Units

Self storage is a very convenient way for people to store items like furniture, clothing, boxes of miscellaneous items and almost anything else you can imagine.
The Benefits Of Self Storage

Self Storage Units

There are a few reasons as to why people would store their belongings in a local storage unit, one of them being the lack of space that they have at home for certain items. Also on occassions  when in the process of moving house, home owners find keeping some items in storage for a short while is beneficial, mainly if there is delay in a deal going through or if the new property is smaller. Self storage is available for any period of time and is a safe way of keeping all of your belongings together.

Key Points for using self storage units: –

  • De-Clutter your home
  • Save Money
  • Create Space – in your home or in an office.
  • Extensive Opening Hours – convenience of being able to visit storage unit at any time is a good benefit.
  • Short term contracts are available if necessary.

Business Storage Units

Business storage units are also available and enable larger/longer and more flexible storage occupancy business rates. Business storage units provide a flexible approach in terms of charges. If a business requires the storing of office equipment, a business storage unit is perhaps the best method.  Businesses that need a lot of storage space will benefit from the charges, as they may decrease as the more space that is rented increases.

Depending on the amount of items you require to store, whether business or personal, it is always a good idea to make an inventory list. The larger appliances should be stored correctly for example; freezers should be defrosted and cleaned out properly and washing machines should be drained.

Always use boxes instead of plastic bags, as plastic bags take up more space and make it harder to organise the items; with boxes people can label them and stack them.

What Storage Units Should Provide

When it comes to storing personal belongings or business equipment the safety systems are the priority and the cost of insurance is extra for self storage units. The following systems should be in place and working correctly: –

  • Around the clock CCTV surveillance
  • Alarm systems
  • Packaging supplies are often available on-site.
  • Storage room access via PIN number
  • More often than not trolleys are available free of charge
  • On-site staff (most sites have staff on-site at all times for extra security)

Always visit your local storage unit site to ensure that all facilities that are needed are available and are working sufficiently; if in doubt ask members of staff to go through the safety systems.

This article was written by Chris, a 2 year employee at our self storage Leeds department.