The Changing World Of Nannying

Once upon a time, employing a nanny to look after your children was reserved for the elite of society. The funds required to support this type of lavish support were so astronomical, it was definitely something only royalty and billionaires used with any regularity.

Jump forward now to a new century. Modern society has changed and working mums make up a large proportion of the workforce in the UK capitol. Women and men are largely equal in the workplace and women value their careers as much as any man. Having children is also a valuable part of life’s journey for a woman, so blending childcare and career has been forced to the front of the agenda, thus triggering an evolution in nannying services. Women can have it all, motherhood and career, with a little extra, targeted support…

The Changing World Of Nannying

Old fashioned images of nannies in starched uniforms pushing boat-sized prams around London parks are how many of us still view the nannying profession. But things have moved on, and just like any other line of work, nannying has had to adapt to market forces. The fact that there are so many more working mums out there means that the demand for childcare has shot through the roof. Read on for information on some of the different options, variants and niche solutions available to those seeking the support of a nanny.

The Modern Approach

With competition for nursery places incredibly hot, many parents decide the best option for reliable, regular childcare needs is to use the services of a London nanny agency. The internet has been a real game-changer in the field of bespoke nanny services because using smart software it is relatively simple and quick to match up prospective families with the perfect nannies. Contact the best London nanny agency and they will be able to offer  full-time live in nannies, comprehensively vetted with many qualifications. Alternatively, more casual arrangements where a nanny provides an hour or two of cover every now and then can be sorted out. Flexibility and choice are the watchwords on the London nanny scene, with different options to meet the needs of varied domestic arrangements.

Men Make Good Nannies, Too

The rise of the male nanny, or manny, could be thanks in part to celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow singing their praises. Some parents seek male nannies for reasons of added security, or if their children have special needs or mobility issues where extra strength is required.  Parents of kids who enjoy contact sports may prefer a male nanny who can hold his own on the rugby pitch or judo tatami. For single mums or all female couples, choosing a manny can be an effective way of introducing a strong male role model in the home.

Share and Share Alike

Many working households are discovering the great cost savings to be had with nanny shares. Typically this type of arrangement is made between two families and the nanny agrees to care for the children of both. Both parties benefit from these arrangements with families paying less but nannies earning more over all. Nanny sharing can cost less then a nursery place. The hardest part of these set ups is finding a suitable family to share with in the first place. A family that lives close by that has children of similar ages is the ideal sharing match.

Niche Nannies

Not all families are the same, and neither are their nanny requirements. Sometimes we will have very specific needs, and finding the right service providers can be a tough job. There are a number of specialist nannies that carry out niche services such as nanny managers who have a dual housekeeper/childcare role, night nannies who support parents with newborn babies and help them get into regular sleep and feed routines, vacation nannies who operate on short term contracts to cover in school holidays or when parents are absent. Another type of nanny is the Governess who is generally dealing with school aged children and works more as a teacher or tutor, than in a childcare role. Emergency nannies who care for children when they are too ill to attend school or nursery or when families have other crises to attend to and both parents are unavailable. Such nannies are usually  very flexible and on call, ready to come at a moment’s notice. Obviously, such dedication and availability comes at a price.

If your future holds hiring nannying services in London, it’s helpful to know the various options. The good news is that whatever your particular domestic set up, whether it’s totally conventional or very unique, modern nanny services tailor their support according to the needs of you and your children…