The Difference Between The Rubber Wood and The Oak Wood

Although there is only one difference for the name of the rubber wood and oak wood, it has huge difference in the price. tells you the specific difference of the rubber wood and oak wood.

The Character of the Oak Wood

Advantages: 1, it has distinct mountain shape wood grain as well as the superb texture you can

2, it has advanced grade. It is suitable for European style furniture.

3, the oak wood stresses the texture and rough frame. The characters of it are elegance

feel it when you touch it.

Disadvantages: 1, it is rare for the high quality seeds of the trees. If imported from the foreign

2, because the oak wood is very heavy, it is hard to taken off all the water. As to the color, beautiful texture, and high mechanical strength, wear bearing. But it is difficult to dry and saw or cut. It is widely used in decorating, furniture, sports, flooring, ships and vehicles. Red and white oak wood cuttings are the ideal materials for producing the one face plywood. The pattern has straight and cross grain. The straight grain looks better and the price is higher, either. country, it is comparatively expensive. furniture made by water contained wood, it is easy to transform after one or half years.

The Difference Between The Rubber Wood and The Oak Wood

The Character of the Rubber Wood

The rubber wood is originated from Brazil, Malaysia, and Thailand etc. In domestic, it mainly comes from the tropic areas. It is the raw material of the latex. The color of the rubber wood is light yellowish brown. It has obvious year sign, which you can recognize it from the deep color circle on the flat side. The pore is very slim. The frame is rough and average. The texture is slope and firm.

Advantages: the section is smooth. It is easy to stick. And the property is good when adding paint on the surface.

Disadvantages: it has the offensive smell, either. And it is easy to discolor, decay as well as worm eaten. What’s worse, it is difficult to dry and no wear resisting, easy to cracking and bending and transform. The rubber wood is easy to process, while the rubber board is easy to transform when processing.

The rubber wood is the trophic tree. It is an inferior kind of tree from the firmness, material, texture and properties. It is the aging tree of producing rubber juice. Every 15 to 20 years, it would be cut down.

The rubber wood has long and slim grain, while the oak wood grain is a little bit big and rough. For the color, the rubber wood is lighter than the oak wood. Since you know the difference of the oak wood and rubber wood, it is easy to recognize them as long as you observe it carefully.