The Essential Kids Party Checklist

Your child is getting older and bolder and you want to host a party to celebrate their big day. Your kids party can either be the most entertaining event you’ve ever hosted, or the most stressful one; it all depends on how organised you are. Here’s a list of everything you need to arrange to pull it off (and not pull your hair out).



Ask your child who they want at their party. Write up the invitations and include the following information: Day, Date, Time, Address and RSVP details (your phone number or email address). If it is a fancy dress party, mention the theme. Request that parents inform you in advance if they need you to cater for any special dietary requirements. Mention that parents and babies are invited to stay too.


Taking dietary requirements into consideration, hit the supermarket and load up the trolley with fizzy drinks, juice, sweets, cocktail sausages, pizza, chips, crisps, chocolate, jellies, ice cream and of course, birthday cake!


Make a list of all the extra supplies you will need for the day including: plastic (or paper) cups, plates and cutlery; candles for the cake; music and speakers; bin bags; napkins and paper towels; extra toilet paper; cameras; baby wipes for cleaning dirty faces; and a first aid kit. Don’t forget to prepare a space to put presents and a space to put coats.


Before you buy the decorations, ask your child what colours or theme they would like. Take a trip to the party supplies store and pick up some balloons, banners, party poppers and party hats. If you are feeling brave, pick up a few of those party whistles too.


The entertainment you choose could make or break the party. If kids are not kept occupied, they could destroy your house and your patience. You can employ the services of a hired entertainer such as a magician or you can plan some DIY arts and crafts. Throw in a few traditional party games too, such as musical chairs. If you want the holy grail of children’s entertainment then hire a bouncy castle. Bouncy castles allow kids to entertain themselves for hours and all the bouncing will tire them out!

If you are hiring an entertainer or a bouncy castle, ask what the set up requirements are, e.g. bouncy castles require a flat area that is wide enough to leave at least four feet of space around the castle.

Goody Bags

Make up a few goody bags for kids to take home with them, and don’t forget to teach your kid how to say a big thank you to their guests as they leave.

This article was written by Jenna Crotty who recommends for bouncy castle hire.