The Health Benefits Of Qigong – The Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medical Qigong that the Taoist monks practiced over centuries in China is now spreading widely in the western world. At present, over 200 million people are regular practitioners of Qigong style.

Along with acupuncture, medical massage and herbal medicine, Qigong is the fourth main category of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong is a combination of ancient meditation technique, simple movements and breathing to give a better health and wellness.

In Qigong therapy that is a kind of touch for health practitioners in Orleans, there is simultaneous treatment and harmonization of the patients’ three bodies. These are the physical body, spirit body and the energy body. Any disharmony in the internal life force of the patient is also addressed by Energy healing therapist in Ottawa of this ancient Chinese therapy.

The Health Benefits Of Qigong – The Traditional Chinese Medicine

Applying Medical Qigong

Qigong has been in use in China for many years and is recently been practiced in America in many hospitals and clinics for the treatment of various ailments and diseases including cancer, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and much more. Qigong is said to reduce the side effects found in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Some other diseases for which it is found helpful are reduction of chronic pain, and treatment of chronic disorders like digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.

Qigong is already proved to be effective as a health care practice for many patients. The method is quite popular as a complementary and alternative medicine and is increasingly gaining acceptance in the United States and the rest of the world with the increase realization of its healing power.

Health Benefits of Qigong

Qigong is thought to direct the flow of the energy of the body to prevent and cure disease, increase endurance and strength and provide a new realm of spirituality. This ancient art is also considered to reverse the aging process and better the quality of life.

It is often found that Qigong practitioners look much younger than their real ages, and they are also known to heal others.

The Common Health Problems for which Qigong is Often used include:

  • strengthen blood circulation
  • prevent and cure disease
  • improve digestion
  • increase your lifespan

The health benefits results from increase blood circulation to the brain, intestines, endocrine glands and the vital organs.

Some other benefits of Qigong include:

  • increased sex drive
  • increased growth hormones
  • Increased muscular endurance

However the best results from Qigong is achieved over a period of time through unswerving and patient practice. The results could be found with just one season or several sessions. One thing is for sure, and it is the calmness, relaxation, peace, increased energy, better mental clarity and potentially spiritual fulfillment that the person practicing Qigong attains.