The Hobby of Silver Coin Collecting

Silver coin collecting can be a great and fascinating hobby for anyone. While some only purchase silver coins as financial investments, for others there is pure joy in the art of collecting coins, beyond mere financial gain.

Coin Collecting Through the Ages

Coin collecting is one of the oldest hobbies out there. It can be dated as far back as the Roman Empire, where it is suggested that even Emperor Augustus was an avid collector of coins. Throughout history, notable figures have been known to collect coins, including kings and nobles and two United States presidents.

During the Victorian era, numismatic (the collection of currency) activity became a popularised phenomenon. The coin collecting industry was embellished with magazines and dealerships. Today, coin collecting has evolved even further and with the advancement of the internet has become a global business.

Silver coin collecting is a popular hobby.

Silver coin collecting is a popular hobby.

Tangible Investments

Not only is collecting coins a brilliant hobby, but it also acts as a solid financial investment. In today’s uncertain economy, even the surest investments can be shaky. Buying into stocks and shares or various other investments may be financially viable, but if the market drops and the value of your investment falls, the investment itself decreases. With silver coins, regardless of what the market is doing, you are still left with a tangible item in your hand.

With silver coins, you can be sure that your investment is secure although of course it is still susceptible to drops in the market. But at the end of the day, regardless of how poorly the market is performing, you still have tangible silver items as assets.

Coin Maintenance

Before starting a coin collection, it’s worth recognising the outlay involved, get an idea by visiting Firstly, there is the initial cost of investment, and indeed silver coin collecting is a pricey hobby as you are collecting items of considerable value. However, secondarily, the upkeep and maintenance of your collection is a necessity that needs considering.

Properly maintaining your coin collection is necessary to hold the value of your coins. This takes time and money and involves properly storing, cleaning and protecting your coins on a regular basis. However, if you are up to the task of maintaining your coins it can be really worthwhile. Also, for the avid collector, the task of maintaining a coin collection can become a joy and become part of the delight in itself.

Start Small

For anyone wishing to collect coins, it’s worth starting small. However you decide to start out, whether it’s off the back of an inherited coin collection from a relative or if you start from scratch, when expanding your inventory you should start small. Until you know what to look for, and really understand the art of coin collecting, you should play it safe. Otherwise you might risk spending lots of money on coins that aren’t worth what you paid for, or really aren’t that appreciated in your collection.

Once you’re thoroughly into the hobby of coin collecting, then you will be in a better position to make more serious decisions and have a more informed opinion on what to buy and not to buy.

Silver coins come in many designs.

Silver coins come in many designs.

A coin collection, if you really get into it, is a work of art; it has a personality and a life. There should be some consistency in terms of country of issue, mint, date etc. You should wait until you know what you want your coin collection to be before you start adding to it. Otherwise you may end up with a coin collection that is all over the place and really doesn’t feel quite right.


Silver coin collecting is a fantastic hobby and can really become a great part of anyone’s life. It can be a wise idea financially and once you get into it, it really is a lot of fun. Should you decide to go for it, you should be sure to start wisely, beginning on a small scale and building up slowly.