The importance of restaurant supplies chain

Restaurant Equipment

The owner of the most important gourmet blog in town announces that he will pay you a visit. As he has all the cuisine specialists as his everyday readers, a bad review can bring you to bankruptcy, while a good one will boost your way to that long wanted franchise! He seems very satisfied with your place, he ate everything to the last piece, and now he asks for an…apple. A simple apple? We don’t have in the menu. The master chef ate the last one a few moments ago because he was on a diet, and that delivery truck keeps delivering late! It is a little embarrassing, so the importance of restaurant supplies is huge for a high-class establishment.

The supply chain is even more important for franchises and large restaurants chains. Those have to find food, drinks, appliances and accessories providers everywhere in the area of operations, and to create an effective transportation system between those.

In each area where more restaurants of the company are situated near, a central support center might be required. This center communicates with other centers, but the restaurants in the area only use this center for supplies of any kind.

This method is effective for some restaurants supplies chains, but this creates disadvantages for the restaurants that don’t have such center around. Many times, those become the weak links in the chain, and have to be abandoned.

Supplying for exclusive restaurants requires a different type of chain. Those restaurants don’t work with high quantities of supplies, at least for some products, but those must be of high quality. Moreover, the procurement area is larger. A client would like Manchuria roes, while others will want shark tale. Some are vegans, some are lacto-vegetarians, and the restaurant has to satisfy a large number of wishes.

Supply chain ideas

Transport is important, but it can also be a source of waste. Two large trucks might seem a good idea for some, but what if you need to bring only two chests of tomatoes? You will send a truck to take it? A good transportation system for a restaurant supply chain is made with different vehicles, which can ensure a flux, but which can also save gas. Even the driver’s shifts can be a source of mess between restaurants. If you have many shifts with many drivers all day long, some of them will not be occupied for the entire duration of the shifts, and you will pay useless salaries. The number of drivers must be adjusted daily, according to the fluxes of clients and necessities.

Outsource. Many services for restaurants can be outsourced today. There are many delivery pizza firms in major cities that deliver pizza for several restaurants at the same time. There are valets, cooks and maintenance companies that can be paid to make a part of the work.

With a good supply chain, the restaurant will offer the same quality in each of its location. The contradictory reviews on the internet will disappear, as long as all the clients are satisfied, and you will create a high-class image and a brand.