The Kid-Friendly Holiday Soiree

The holidays are all about family, and the biggest challenge of throwing a Christmas party for everyone is being able to cater to all the different ages, from the smallest youngsters to the grandparents. Preparing a party that will be fun for everyone means you’ll be doing a balancing act in catering to everyone, but it’s not that difficult if you keep a few tips in mind. Here we’ll offer a few suggestions on food, drinks, treats and activities to make sure the kids feel like they’re a part of the festivities and not treated as an afterthought.

Kid-sized Finger Foods and Appetizers

Naturally, kids love food as much as anyone, so in addition to the adult fare you’ll need to include some kid-friendly options. Also, be sure to have some variety in case you encounter some picky eaters. Offering some mac and cheese bites or mini tacos will likely be a hit with both kids and adults. You could also have some finger-size pizza slices or slider cheeseburgers that will appeal to everyone. Any bite-size appetizers with a holiday theme will go over well.

The Kid-Friendly Holiday Soiree

Holiday Drinks

When the cold weather arrives, the folks at your holiday soiree may be craving a hot toddy and spiced wine. While keeping all the ingredients on hand to mix up some party drinks for the adults, you’ll also need to have some holiday drinks for the kids, such as hot chocolate, punch and eggnog. You can serve them in special cups with tiny straws to make sure the kids feel like they’re as cool and sophisticated as the adults.

DIY Desserts

No matter what your age, the holiday treats may be what you look forward to the most and the season wouldn’t be complete without all the different kinds of cookies, gingerbread and candy. An excellent party activity that’s also a unique way to offer some treats is to set up a sugar cookie bar where everyone can design their own cookies with icing and toppings. You can offer chocolate chips, sprinkles, M&Ms and other treats that would be perfect cookie toppings. Just pre-bake enough cookies so that everyone can have a few on their plate and then see what kinds of designs everyone comes up with.

Decorating the Tree

With children on the guest list, some games and diversions will be a necessity, and you don’t have to resort to putting the kids in front of the TV when they get bored. An excellent party activity is to let the kids create their own decorations to hang on the tree. With your artificial Christmas tree on display and ready for some sprucing up, both the kids and adults can join in the creativity and help make snowflakes to hang on the branches, color some acorns or make popcorn strings. You can also have some blank plastic ball ornaments that the kids can decorate with paints, markers and glitter.

When it comes to the biggest group of Christmas enthusiasts, it’s kids, hands down. Therefore, if you can host a party that’s a blast for them with Christmas treats and a creative project or two, you’ll definitely get everyone into the holiday spirit.