The Meaning of Baptism

Catholic giftsCatholic gifts are a great way to celebrate a baptism. The same way that people celebrate the birth of a child, friends and close family will celebrate the “second birth” of a child into the church. Baptism serves as a second birth, a spiritual birth. This is very important for anyone of deep spirituality and faith. It often includes a spiritual ceremony with members of the church as well as a celebratory party after with close friends and family.

Whether the person being baptized is a newborn baby or an adult who has recently accepted the teachings of the Church and the saving grace of the Lord, it is an important event in someone’s life which should be celebrated. Baptism in its most basic form is having sins washed away with holy water. This holy water serves as a symbol for Christ’s blood which was shed for your sins. With baptism, your old self and sins are washed away and your new, clean self emerges, one saved by Christ.

This carries deep meaning for many people and after the ceremony, those invited often give spiritual gifts that not only celebrate this joyous occasion but help to guide the newly baptised person through their spiritual journey. Typical gifts might include a new bible with the date of the baptism written inside, so that they always remember their “second birth”. It might also include jewelry with engravings or lettering like “WWJD” to signify “what would Jesus do?” This type of gift remindsthe wearer to take a moment in life and think about what their saving Lord would do in that situation. This helps to remind thewearer to live like Christ.

Other options for Catholic gifts include a cross with the image of Jesus. This reminds the recipient that Christ died for their sins. Some people might give a journal which also has the second birth day written in it, so that the newly baptized person never forgets this special occasion. The journal can be used to document their spiritual journey, take notes about scriptures they read, or document spiritual revelations or prayers. Other gifts might include new prayer beads or sculptures of personally significant saints. A small necklace with Mother Mary is also another typical Catholic gift to give at a baptism.

No matter what you get for your loved ones, baptism will remain a very significant and meaningful event in their lives.