The Mental Benefits Of A Hair Transplant

For many years, hair loss has been seen as an unavoidable part of life for many people that, aside from vanity, has no real effects on one’s psychology. However, studies in recent years are throwing this idea on its head. It has been shown that hair loss, whether in men or women, can have a profoundly negative psychological impact on the individual suffering from hair loss. Hair transplant procedures have dramatically improved in both quality and reduced recovery time and pain, making it a better option for men and women suffering from hair loss than ever before. Many have reported significant improvements in their overall psychological wellbeing as a result of hair transplants.
The Mental Benefits Of A Hair Transplant

Negative Psychological Impacts of Hair Loss

Regardless of age, the loss of one’s hair has the potential to wreak a variety of negative psychological impacts. From an increase in anxiety over one’s outward appearance to withdrawal from friends and family due to self-consciousness, many people report that the loss of their hair has a negative impact on how they feel about themselves. These negative feelings can have a significant impact on one’s life and wellbeing. Those who suffer from hair loss and the resulting reduction in self-confidence can see marked setbacks in both their personal and professional lives. Depression and other mental disorders have also been reported by men and women of all ages who suffer from hair loss. This is especially the case with those who lose their hair at an early age.

Benefits of Hair Transplants

Those who have received hair transplants report a higher degree of satisfaction with their physical appearance. This often leads to increased self-esteem. Many also report reduced anxiety. Some report feeling younger and as a result, feel an increase in their levels of energy.

The Evidence for Improved Self-Esteem

Recent studies on the psychological state of individuals before and after hair transplants have shown the significant positive impact that this procedure can provide. Many respondents report improved feelings of self-esteem and confidence, feelings of youthfulness, reduced tendencies toward anxiety and depression, and increased satisfaction with their appearance. These positive psychological impacts of hair transplants Follicular Unit Extraction can have a profound impact on one’s social and work life. People who suffered from hair loss and obtained hair transplants report higher feelings of happiness and an increased positive outlook on the future, things that they did not necessarily feel before their hair transplant procedures.

In addition to the psychological benefits many also report improvements in their romantic relationships, including increased sexual satisfaction and performance as well as increased feelings of confidence around the opposite sex. These benefits cannot be understated, as self-confidence has a dramatic impact on how people interact with the world around them. How we look on the outside may not matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but it does have the potential to significantly impact our view of ourselves, and not necessarily in a good way. Hair transplants offer those suffering from hair loss the ability to achieve a full head of hair again, regaining self-confidence, positive feelings about their appearance and can even help to improve mood and one’s overall feeling of wellbeing.

Tyler Ghoulson is a freelance health blogger.