The Must-Read Guide To Fighting Food Cravings

We all get food cravings, whether we have the healthiest intentions in the world. Sometimes those cravings are just for something to snack on, other times it is specifically for something sweet. Our brain and our body seem to work together to conspire against us, but most of the time we can stop cravings if we try. This must-read guide is perfect for all those who are trying to stop snacking and cut out cravings.

The Must-Read Guide To Fighting Food Cravings

Little And Often

If you try and starve yourself in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, then you are guaranteed to get food cravings. Someone could just walk past smelling of their chip shop tea, and you’re drooling onto your lap. To cut out those in-between meal cravings you should be eating little and often. Not only will this stop you wanting to stuff your face at dinner, it also helps to speed up your metabolism, as well.

Fruity Cravings

Put down the chocolate bar and pick up a banana instead. Fruit is filled with natural sugars that slowly release into your body and give you less of a nasty crash afterwards. Try to fill up your fruit bowl with a whole range of different fruits and treat it as an experiment. Which fruits do you like the best? Which one satisfies your sugar craving? By finding out which fruits you enjoy eating you will soon find it a pleasure, as opposed to a chore. Try creating wonderful fruit salads and other fruity recipes to add even more excitement to your new favourite snacks.

Plenty Of Water

We all know we’re supposed to drink 8 cups of water in a day, but sometimes we just can’t be bothered. If you’re feeling hungry, however, it has probably something to do with your body needing fluids. Go fill up a pint glass with icy cold water and savour the refreshing taste. You’ll have got 2 of your 8 cups of water in a pint, and you’ll forget how hungry you once were.

Herbal Suppressants

If you want a little bit of a helping hand then there are supplements available to do just that. Many different herbs are known for being able to suppress hunger and fight food cravings, such as pure saffron extract. Generally you take a tablet before a meal, and it stops that desire to binge eat or snack the rest of the day. If you’re on a weight loss plan or any other medication, then make sure you check with a professional before taking any supplements to curb cravings.

Be Prepared

If you’re planning on cutting down on chocolate, but have a cupboard full of yummy treats, then it is going to be far too easy to give in to cravings. Being prepared for all eventualities is a great way to stop yourself from dashing to the shop and filling your trolley with Galaxy bars. Empty your cupboards and fridge of any temptations such as crisps, chocolate and other snacks. Next, fill those empty spaces with things such as nuts, rye crispbreads and fresh fruit. You will find it much easier to stick to your goals if you don’t have anything to tempt you away from them.

Whatever your reason for fighting food cravings, it can be achieved! Just think of how much better you’ll feel if you manage to stop snacking on those nasty treats. Don’t forget to reward yourself for doing well then; a little chocolate bar here and there won’t hurt.