The New Trend Of Android: Galaxy Note 4

The phablet series of Samsung was a bold experiment of Samsung. And now Samsung’s bold experiment turning to be profitable. Here, we are talking about the wide spread Galaxy Note series which was recently updated after the release of Galaxy Note 4.

No doubt, Galaxy Note 4 has become a new trend in the Android smartphone market. The design is also updated and included many new things and new placement. For example, on lower sides of spaced microphones: two on the bottom, one on the top. The top of the body is also the IR port to control appliances and 3.5 mm headphone jack, below – the usual port microUSB. At the bottom end, closer to the rear panel, located slot for the stylus S Pen. Feather in it fastens securely and does not take off, you need to extract drag your fingernail or fingertip for relief tip. When you move the pen tray sensors are triggered: Smartphone gently vibrates and the screen displays a special menu with the most requested features S Pen. Side of Galaxy Note 4 occupy rocker button on the left and on the right side of the screen.

The New Trend Of Android: Galaxy Note 4

On the front surface of the Galaxy Note 4 attracts the most attention panel under the screen, where the mechanical button “Home” with built-in fingerprint reader and a couple of touch buttons. In our opinion, Samsung and Apple have to think about the rejection of mechanical buttons, and scanners leave a touch-sensitive surface under the screen or even to find them elsewhere. Even mechanical buttons became the identification mark of the two giants; in 2014 the place on the surface and inside the enclosure can be used more efficiently. Above the screen, more or less visible depending on the body color, arranged proximity sensor and front camera on the right side of the earpiece, and the left – an indicator of missed events.

Despite the huge screen with a diagonal of 5.7 inches, Galaxy Note 4 quite comfortably in the hand, does not slip and does not make too much stretch your fingers for a confident grip. Perhaps it seemed comfortable after OnePlus One and iPhone 6 Plus, which is at a lower diagonal screen, but in any case, the process of getting used to the device should not take a long time even after the transition from a compact smartphone. The examples are not far to seek, in the streets now and then meets a girl, deftly managed intergenerational Note in their tiny palms. The only flaw in ergonomics is the thickness. Note 4 seemed too plump, but this impression is due to the constant race millimeters when some manufacturers for the opportunity to boast thick save on size and battery capacity. Do not approve this approach, but this does not negate the fact that the flagship of Samsung – not the most subtle device on the market.

Galaxy Note 4 proved to be the flagship with its design but still Samsung needs to make a thinner device and we can expect this characteristic from the Samsung Note 5.