The Pearl Bracelet That Turned Many Heads

My wife’s pearl bracelet is stunning, probably one of the most beautiful things in her jewelry collection. She told me the story of how her grandfather had the bracelet made for her grandmother. He had the message” Love is never lost” engraved on the pearl bracelet to signify their eternal union. This was my wife’s most precious keepsake and she treasured it with all of her heart. The night she lost it was probably the most devastating one of her life. She searched through the house frantically looking under couches, rugs and all the other furniture available.
The Pearl Bracelet That Turned Many Heads
She had not spoken to me all day and I did not know it had gone missing until she came to me sobbing asking me if I had seen it. I had not seen it since the last time she worn it to go dancing. After I learned about her missing pearl bracelet I began a man hunt of my own searching everywhere from my car and the playroom all the way to my own office at work. The pearl bracelet had to be somewhere, but we just could not seem to find it. Finally after five days of destroying the house looking for the pearl we figured it was lost forever.

My wife was distraught and spent the weekend weeping in frustration and disappointment. I felt like I could not console her so I frantically searched the internet to try and find a new pearl bracelet to replace the old one. I found many online jewelry stores that promised the best quality bracelet and the most affordable prices, but I was confident that I could find something better. I finally visited and found a great assortment of pearls. These pearls came in a variety of different colors, sizes and lengths.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to find a brand new pearl bracelet to replace the one my wife had accidentally lost. While looking I found a set that looked exactly like the ones my wife grandmother had. I quickly bought the bracelet and waited for its arrival. While waiting for the bracelet my wife’s mood did not seem to change, but I continued to promise her that she will find it. Once the bracelet came in I took it to be engraved with the same saying” Love is never lost”. I brought the new bracelet home and she was thrilled. After going through that ideal with the bracelet I had a new appreciation for that saying.

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