The Pros and Cons of Early Childhood Academics

Parents want the best for their children. They are so eager to give their children the best of everything that many parents plan for their children’s educations even before it is time to enroll their little ones into

kindergarten. While preschool has its advantages, eager parents are also cautioned to be aware the disadvantages of starting their children in school too soon. With the facts presented to them, parents can make the best educational choices for their kids.

The Pros and Cons of Early Childhood Academics

The advantages to a well-time preschool enrollment are plentiful. Parents, however, are encouraged to make sure that their child is ready for this educational step and can benefit from the preschool offerings. Reasons to consider early preschool enrollment include:

Early Intervention Services

A child who has a speech impediment or shows signs that he or she may develop an altered speech pattern may do well in preschool. This educational setting can provide the child with the correct speech modeling and help him or her to correct speech patterns. Furthermore, many preschools have trained speech pathologists on staff who can offer one-on-one individual educational plan services or speech therapy in a playgroup setting. Parents who are concerned about their children’s speech impediments are right to enroll their children in preschool early.

Social Behavior Modification

Toddlers who are only children or who have problems sharing and playing well with others can also benefit from early preschool enrollment. Preschool classroom settings allow children who have social difficulties the chance to learn the importance of sharing and cooperation. Many children who are not accustomed to modifying their behavior at home learn the social cues that help them properly adjust their behavior when they are in the presence of their peers and teachers.

While the advantages to early preschool are plentiful, the same number of disadvantages also exists if the timing is not right for a child. Rather than push their children into early school, parents may do well to learn about these disadvantages before making a decision.

Interrupted Parental Bonding

Most sociologists agree that the first three years of a child’s life are crucial to developing a close bond to his or her parents. Parents who are too eager to push their children into preschool can disrupt this bonding period, which in turn could cause future psychological problems. Toddlers need time to bond to their parents before they are entrusted to educators in a classroom setting.

Home Playtime Education

Many parents underestimate their own abilities to educate their children. Parents are their children’s first educators. They may not realize that many toddler and infant toys, while entertaining, are also educational. They can teach children proper social boundaries, speech behaviors, and other cues that are crucial to their social and academic development. Parents who play with their children and spend time making the most out of these toys provide a solid foundation for future education.

Knowing the pros and cons for early preschool enrollment can help parents make informed decisions when it comes to their children’s educations. As shown, many reasons exist for why some children may need early educational intervention. However, just as many children benefit by another year or two at home with their moms and dads.

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