The Quicker You Clean – The Quicker You Can Relax In The Garden

With the warmer months just coming into view on the horizon you may think that we are going to have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the weather…right? Well, whilst that can be true in many cases somebody still has to try and keep up with all of the housework. Unfortunately, housework is not a seasonal thing and is needed all year round.
The Quicker You Clean - The Quicker You Can Relax In The Garden
So what are we going to do about it? So that we can start to enjoy the weather as quick as we possibly can? Well, what I personally do is what I call speed cleaning.

So what is my definition of this? It is cleaning the home in an efficient, organised and quick way to get it at the very least clean enough. How I look at it is that the more efficient we are at our cleaning, the quicker we can get out in the sunshine and start to relax.

So here are some of my very best tips for speed cleaning in an efficient manner.

Keep on Top of Your Usual Daily Routine

First off, if we are already on top of our daily chores, the place shouldn’t be too bad when we speed clean anyway. Stay on top of things like your laundry, washing up, taking the garbage out and ironing and there will be less for you to do when you are in speed clean mode.

Dress like you Mean Business

I am not sure if this would be the same with any of you reading this, but I find that how I dress affects how I go about things. Cleaning in my pyjamas never works, as it tells me to clean slow and be lazy; however if I dress in clothes with a good pair of shoes on it is telling me that I mean serious business.

Of course, dress too well and it will be telling you that you shouldn’t even be cleaning at all, so throw on an apron and that will be the final inspiration to get down and dirty.

Keep Your Focus

Try not to get too carried away on one task; rather stick to a timed schedule on everything that you need to do. Remember this is speed cleaning, meaning that it really doesn’t have to be done to complete perfection; it just needs to be clean enough. After a regular speed cleaning routine once or twice a week, everything will get cleaner over time anyway and will approach that perfection naturally.

Location of Supplies is everything

This is one of my biggest killers when it comes to speed cleaning. There is nothing worse than having to run downstairs for your cleaning supplies when you are working upstairs. This can break up your focus and before you know it, you are on the phone to a friend, looking at your Facebook or having a quick snack.

Keep everything that you will need to clean upstairs, upstairs and vice versa. This will save you time and keep you concentrating on the task at hand.

Do it logically

Always try and do your cleaning in as logical a manner as possible. This means cleaning from the top down in the kitchen, as if you do it the other way you will find that you will have to clean the bottom twice.

If you are going to do the dusting and vacuuming, do the latter first. This is because if you dust and then vacuum, the vacuum cleaner is just going to spurt out more dust as you go. Being logical will allow you to get the tasks done more efficiently and allow you to quickly be outside in the sunshine.

Aimee Coppock is a writer who is always on the hunt for ways to make the household choice just that little bit easier. She recommends researching Window Cleaning Companies to find one that can do your windows for a great price, leaving you to concentrate on powering through the rest.