The Satisfaction Of A Celebrity Smile

When people see the impressive smiles being flashed by their most admired celebrities, they are often left wondering what secrets they have for maintaining such a shining appearance. In fact, there are some proven techniques that anyone can use in order to maintain a radiant smile. A few simple techniques and tips can be used to revive your smile and keep it brilliant over time.

Constant Care

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the first step towards brightening your smile. An ideal grin does not happen overnight. Brushing must be done twice a day, and flossing is required at least once a day to maintain your gum health as well. It is also important to follow the recommendations of your dentist. These instructions often include using an electric toothbrush and toothpaste that includes baking soda.

The Satisfaction Of A Celebrity Smile

Keep It Professional

You cannot ignore the need to have professional cleanings performed at least twice a year. Visits to a dental clinic like Health Centered Dentistry can give you access to expert care that supplements your daily oral hygiene routines. These professional cleanings are needed in order to fully eliminate plaque and reduce the build-up of stains over time. Failing to have professional cleanings can also lead to cavities and gum disease.

Consider Your Total Health

Smoking kills a great smile very quickly. Besides the damage that smoking is doing to your lungs and overall health, the nicotine and smoke is staining your teeth, making attaining a white smile extremely difficult. Smoking can also defeat the progress that you make with costly teeth-whitening procedures.

Keep Fluoride Handy

Fluoride rinses and gels can tremendously benefit the appearance of your teeth. These products make teeth stronger by adding needed minerals to your teeth over time. There are other products that your dentist can recommend as well that aide in the re-mineralization your teeth. These products typically contain ingredients such as calcium phosphate.

Eliminate the Potential for Stains

The things that you eat and drink can also lead to staining that damages your smile. For instance, coffee and tea slowly stain the teeth and reduce the whiteness of your smile. Alcohol and wine can be especially damaging. In addition to staining the teeth, these types of drinks nearly instantly turn to sugar, degrading the surface of the teeth when consumed in large quantities. Some drinks such as red wine also contain agents that bond to the teeth, increasing the intensity of stains that occur. When consuming beverages such as these, it is wise to brush your teeth immediately afterward.

With these techniques under your belt, you can smile with confidence while maintaining a smile that is radiant. Unleash your star potential with healthier habits and better oral-health routines.