The Signs A Relationship Has Run Its Course

You were once head over heels, now you’re questioning whether you and your partner’s relationship will stand the test of time. If you’re uncertain whether or not to keep trying to make things work, take a look at these indicators that a relationship has lived out its days and it’s time to move on:

You’ve Noticed a Decrease in Physical Intimacy

If you and your partner spend more time fighting over the covers and less time snuggling under them, this could be a sign of trouble. Physical intimacy isn’t everything in a relationship but it is an important aspect of a romantic partnership. Most of the time, a decrease in intimate activity is merely a symptom of busy lives and inconsistent schedules. If it lasts for a long time, with little to no apparent reason, however, it’s time to take a look at what could be causing the trouble in your relationship.

Your Partner is Keeping Secrets

We all need our privacy, but if your partner becomes evasive about their whereabouts and the company they keep, there may be reason for suspicion. Being controlling is certainly not appealing, but a partner hesitant to disclose certain details may be hiding something.

The Signs A Relationship Has Run Its Course

Communication is at an All-Time Low

Couples go through ups and downs, connecting more during certain periods and less at other times. But if conversation is frequently hostile or limited only to necessary exchanges, this could be a sign your relationship is failing. Open, constant communication is essential to most couples, a mark of mutual trust and willingness to share. When this is not present, relationships can become unhealthy and even hostile.

Your Emotions are Drained

Hurled insults, belittling and other forms of verbal abuse have no place in a healthy relationship. We are all guilty of using words in ways we shouldn’t, but if hurtful digs are the norm instead of the exception, this can leave you emotionally and mentally drained. A healthy relationship should not leave you feeling this way and it may be a sign that it’s time to separate from your partner.

Fights have Turned Physical

When disagreements lead to physical violence, it’s time to call it quits. Never risk your safety, or the welfare of your children, by remaining in a physically abusive relationship. If you’re in an abusive relationship, a wealth of resources are available to assist you in finding a safe haven until a permanent remedy can be put in place. Once you are safe, your abuser does not have to get away with it—filing a domestic violence report or submitting hospital records could, at least, save you from having to pay alimony to your abuser. At most, it could put them in jail.

No one gets married or begins a relationship planning to separate, but in certain situations, divorcing or breaking up may be the only option to safeguard your sanity or even your life. If you find that any of these warning signs applies to your relationship, especially if disagreements have turned into physical fights, your relationship may have run its course.