The Size Summary For Kids Chair

Your baby is growing bigger and wanting to play with you. Are you ready to take him outside for trip? If so, you have to prepare a good kid’s chair. Melodyhome introduce you one for the car seat. It can constraint baby as well as utmost protect baby’s safety when happening the car accident

Why should Buy Car Kid’s Chair

The safety equipment of the car are designed by the adults’ body and weight standard such as safety belt, SRS etc. if your baby ties with the safety belt, it can not decrease the danger, on the contrary, it will increase his damage. Some one may say that she can arm her baby when in the car so that she can protect him. But, the fact isn’t working like this. If you doing like this, you are the murderer. Everyone knows that the accidents are happened abruptly. And the react of the human is falling back the speed of occurrence of the accident. If the adults arm the kid, even if the SRS is not open, the kid plays the role of SRS. So the adults are the potential factor for threatening kid’s safety.

The Size Summary for Kids Chair

The Kid’s Chair on the Car can be Categorized to 5 Types based on the Weight and Age

Category 1, new born to 15 month baby or weight of 2.2 to 13 kg

It equips with shaking bottom and with handle, which can be used as hand basket. It needs to be setup in the car with special frame.

Category 2, new born to 4 year old baby or weight of 2.2 to 18kg

This design offers two function: at the beginning, it is for new born to 9 months baby. After 9 months, it should be changed. This kind of chair do not have shaking and easy to take as well as trolley function, but it can be fixed on the car for long term use. If you want to save money, this kind is a good choice. Besides, you have to be careful that before 9 months, it has to install on the contrary direction. 9 months later, you may change it to front direction, but have to meet the two requirements: First, the weight is more than 9 kg. Second, baby can stand up by himself.

Category3, 1 to 4 years old or weight of 9 to 18kg

This type is every easy. It does not have the complex function. It is for the older baby.

Category 4, 1 to 12 years old baby or weight of 9 to 36kg

This one is an interesting combination product. It is not only prepared for the 1 to 4 years old kid chair, but also you can tear down the safety belt and use the adults’. It can be used until 12 years old. You do not need to change other car cushion for it. The shortage of it is that it is not suitable for young babies, for 1 to 12 years old has huge difference.

Category 5, 3 to 12 years old kids or weight of 15 to 36kg

The car safety cushion is indispensible. After 4 years old, many parents think that it is not need to use cushion any more. However, the study shows that the kids’ bodies are too small, even if they use the adults’ safety belt, it is still dangerous when accidents happen. The car cushion is not expensive. So do not save this. You can read more at Melodyhome.