The Truth About Banana Diet

The Truth About Banana DietWeight loss has become an obsession for many people around the word. Due to excessive consumption of fast foods and a high calorie diet, people are continually faced with this problem of obesity. However, everyone wants to look nothing less than those stick thin models strutting on the ramp. So in order to lose the extra pounds, people try a number of different things but not all of them works as well as they are made out to. In order to capitalize on this need to reduce weight, many scam companies have started producing special pills and diet plans that promise to make you fit and healthy in just a few weeks. Beware of any such products! They will either show no positive results at all or damage your digestive system and liver to make you thin. Like all good things, a fit body cannot be achieved in a week. You have to be patient and give it your best. So instead of opting for short cuts, try looking for natural diets that wouldn’t harm your body and also help you lose weight.

One of the newest trends in weight loss diets is following a banana diet. In recent years it has become extremely popular and many a fitness experts and nutritionists are recommending it to their clients. People are of the opinion that a banana diet is perhaps the easiest way of losing weight. There are different versions of it available. Some are harder than others, but they all involve eating bananas before your meals. It is said that you need to eat a minimum of two bananas before having your lunch. After that you are free to eat anything you want without having to worry about gaining weight. Eating bananas before breakfast, lunch and dinner is the main rule of the diet plan. You need to eat 2 bananas before both breakfast and lunch and 1 before dinner. No wonder banana diet has been so well received by people all over the world since there is no need for you to eat tasteless bran foods or salads for your meals. You can happily relish in all the things you find delicious and healthy.

But the big question here is whether or not a banana diet is effective. The truth is it does help in weight loss. Many people have tried the banana diet and given satisfactory responses. It may not work as fast as you would like to lose weight, but if you continue it for some time you will gradually begin to see the difference yourself. An old myth about bananas is that they are fattening because they contain a lot of calories. Well, the truth can’t be too far away from it. Although bananas have a lot of calories but they only contain 0.5g of fat per banana. Moreover eating bananas everyday can also have positive effects on your health as these are rich in potassium and help in lowering the blood pressure. In addition, bananas can also make your skin healthier. Sportsmen and athletes are known to eat bananas before exercising because it provides them with a lot of energy and thus enables them to undertake hard tasks.

If you have heard that banana diet is an extreme way of losing diet, you have heard it wrong. Sure, it takes its time to produce results but it works nonetheless and is simple as eating bananas before every meal. This does not just help you in digesting your food faster but also provides you with a lot of energy so that you feel refreshed after every meal. Most diets are strenuous and make you tired or cranky but not the banana diet. If you have tried every possible way of losing weight such as drinking lots of water, undertaking vigorous exercises and starving yourself, but failed to achieve your targets, then you might be a little cynical about how well this new diet could work. There is only one way for you to know, by actually giving it a shot. You will not only begin to feel relaxed and fresh in a few days but also lose considerable weight eventually.

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This highly informative article was written by David Silva. David works at an esteemed hospital in Georgia. He has written several books on Phentermine and how to lose weight through diet. Here he explains all you need to know about a banana diet.