The Ugly Truth About Cosmetic Surgery

If you are thinking about going under the knife sometime soon in the future, it is important that you understand the truth about cosmetic surgery. Each year more and more people are deciding to go for cosmetic surgery to solve their ‘problems’, however in some cases cosmetic surgery has done the complete opposite and has only produced more issues.

Self Image

So the main reason why a person chooses to go for cosmetic surgery is because they are not happy with their own self image, causing them to be unhappy in many other areas of their life. Cosmetic surgery practices will advertise a promise for a life transformation enhancing current bodily features to ‘perfection’ after a cosmetic surgery procedure. The British Associate of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has called for a ban on this type of advertising as this promise on its own persuades thousands of men and women each year to opt in for cosmetic surgery; however patients need to make themselves aware that cosmetic surgery is not actually the answer to improve self image.

plastic surgery 1

Many patients who have had cosmetic surgery in the past will warn others to think about the decision deeply as you may regret it years down the line, if not instantly.

At some point in your life it is likely you are going to be unhappy with one or more aspects of your body, but going for cosmetic surgery is not the answer – it will only encourage you to be more unhappy with your body as you look for more ‘problems to get fixed’.

Self Esteem

Your self image is instantly linked to self esteem, so if you have issues with the way you look it is likely going to affect your self esteem. Cosmetic surgeons will promise an instant confidence boost after your surgery has been completed; however no surgeon can make this promise.

It is thought that around 25% of people who have undergone cosmetic surgery have had bad experience or reactions – causing a lowered self esteem.


Many people believe that self image issues can be easily linked to psychology, rather than opting to have cosmetic surgery; issues can easily be solved with counselling. Not only is this option much more affordable but it will ensure no future problems will arise.

As self images can be linked to psychology, it can be a never ending process. As soon as one image issue is dealt with, it is likely the patient is going to spot another issue they are not happy with.

Rather than choosing to go straight under the knife, why not just change the way that you think? Trust me, it is worth a go, not only is it cheaper, it’s healthier and safer.

Kerry works on behalf of producing micro surgery instruments for surgery purposes. She likes to advise others on their options before undergoing cosmetic surgery.