The Value Of A Home Automation And Security Systems

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We are at a time in home security where automation and security have come together. You can now monitor almost any part of your home, anything in your home, and from anywhere in your home at the push of a button. The automation features of these new age security systems are invaluable to homeowners who frequently travel a lot. They are now able to get alerts directly to their phone no matter where they are.

Security Features
The central control panel has easy to read icons, this allows all family members easy access to the operating system. Another feature that will take the strain off your eyes when trying to read the small print of old control panels is…voice commands. When you arm or disarm the alarm the controller will speak to you in clear, concise English.

Dedicated Function Keys: These dedicated function keys are similar to the hot keys on a computer. They are used for frequent use functions and will activate that function at the push of a button.

24/7 Communications: Your alarm system is connected to a central monitoring station where trained security professionals are there around the clock in case of emergencies. What’s new is the flexibility to connect to the various communication devices. Many homes have traded their landline in for a mobile device, VoIP, or some other communication system. Whatever home communication system you decide to use, you can be assured that your new security system can communicate with it. Another option offered is two-way voice communication. This is an optional service where you can have your home control unit and the central station directly connected. This allows immediate voice communication with a security professional.

Android Tablet Control: If you want to go wireless, then hook-up the optional Android WiFi tablet for controller portability.

Convenient Message Center: You can use your new control panel as a message machine. The kids can leave messages for their parents, you may want to record something you might forget later – you’ll find other valuable ways to use it as time goes on.

Sensors – Windows, Doors and Valuables
With your new home security system you can arm windows, doors, and even outdoor lighting from a remote location in the home. The sensors that control these alarms are wireless, making securing your home that much more easier.

Remote Sensors: The new wireless security sensors can be attached to any item in your home. The sensors used for windows and doors are perfect for blending in with any decor. This is also true for protecting personal items. Just place a wireless sensor on your computer or TV; any movement will flip the alarm and you will be immediately alerted to the problem.

Environmental Sensors: If you have concerns about areas of your home where temperature fluctuations or flooding can be a problem, then your security system can handle the task. The use of environmental sensors is the answer. This also stands true for fire protection. Wireless sensors installed in your smoke alarms will activate the security module at the first hint of trouble. You can rest assured that your family will be alerted in case of emergencies.

Home Automation Management
How in the world will you manage all of these security features? This is where the home automation comes in. Honeywell has introduced the “Lynx Touch Z-Wave System.” With this system you can save time and energy (money) by scheduling activities in your home. In the winter months you can schedule your thermostat to be set at a certain temperature one hour before awaking. Your house will be nice and warm when preparing for work. But a few hours later when the house is empty, the system will lower the thermostat to the temperature you scheduled it for – it’s all part of the Z-Wave system.

As you can see the combinations for scheduling are endless, and this includes lights, doors, and any other devices connected to your security system. The days of using mechanical timers, when going on vacation are gone. It wouldn’t take long for burglars to figure out the routine of those old, outdated mechanical timers. With the new home automation security systems you can program variable schedules for all your devices – this drastically improves the safety of your home when away.

Wireless Technology
Welcome to the new age of home automation and security systems. Besides having the peace of mind that comes with full home security, it’s good to know that insurance companies like these systems too. If you check with your insurance company, you may be pleasantly surprised to find a slight reduction in insurance rates. Add to this the efficiencies in energy management, and you’ll start to see how purchasing a new security system can actually save you money – it’s worth it to take a closer look at the cool systems on the market today.

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Max Biden is a writer for Security Options in Oklahoma City, OK. He writes about home security and green home technology.