The Working Professional: 5 Ways To Help You Unwind After Work

For the working professional, scheduling is deathly important: wake up, eat a good breakfast, get the morning workout in, take out the family pet (even if you don’t have kids, your four legged buddy is still family), get to work on time after battling morning rush hour traffic, complete the day with minimal casualties, jump back into the rush hour fray, get home to take care of dinner and the pets again, and maybe find time for yourself. It’s hectic and sometimes we need a little extra help getting the knots out of our backs after a long hard day – or five. Here are a few ways to go home and unwind while keeping your style fresh and professional.

The Working Professional: 5 Ways To Help You Unwind After Work

Image via Flickr by Deb Stgo

Take the Alternate Route

Sometimes you just have change your route and go the scenic way home. Often times, we are trying to get from point A to point B in the quickest amount of time, and that puts a major stress on us. We don’t really need to put the extra stress and time crunch on ourselves when we’re heading home to our quiet solace. Every once in a while (or every day), take the back roads. Try to get a more scenic view that helps you forget about work for just a few moments before you get home to your sanctuary. You’d be surprised what a few extra trees and a little bit of extra wildlife will do for your breathing. Slow down and take a minute to smell the flowers. There’s no rush.

Slip into Something Comfy

Once you’ve gotten home from your relaxing stroll through the countryside, head inside and slip into something a little more comfortable. While the suit and professional dress is great for the office, it’s not so good for your relaxation. Remember that old pair of sweats that you told yourself you’d never wear to the gym again but haven’t exactly had time to get rid of it? Slip those on and an oversized shirt. Loose clothes gives your body time to relax and breathe. Form-fitting clothes are great, but your skin needs a break just as much as you do. Plus, you’d be surprised to find out just how freeing it is to be able to relax that posture for a little while.

Relax with a Little Jazz

Step 3: Turn on some light jazz and relax. If jazz isn’t your thing, then go ahead and turn on something that helps soothe the nerves. You’ve heard this one for years, but a study in 2009 showed that listening to music actually helps relax those going under the knife! Your situation might be a little less stressful, but if it can help calm those being cut open it could probably do wonders for your stress levels, as well. You never know until you give it a try.

Pour Yourself a Drink

If you drink alcoholic beverages, have one. Drinking in moderation can actually help you sit back and relax. If beer is more your style, you’ll be happy to know that drinking beverages roasted with hops has been known to give a calming effect while also helping to relax you. Perhaps you’d rather stay away from the alcohol. There’s a solution for that too. Having a nice relaxing cup of peppermint tea can help keep the tummy happy while also soothing your overworked nerves. So sit back and relax with a little something warm to keep you happy. Don’t forget, heat also helps calm the muscles!

Kick Those Feet Up

You’ve got style, you’ve got class, and now you’ve got relaxation knocking on your door. While old furniture does have the potential to be some of the most comfortable you’ve ever laid your weeping haunches on, it is possible to find designer chairs or a new leather couch that would easily give you the same relaxation. A lot of the furniture you’ll come across now is incredibly comfy. You may even have some in your home. Why not give your tired feet a rest and give your eyes a little peace of mind? That’s one less stress you’ll have in mind – everything matches and fits right in with your style. So kick those feet up, and enjoy that beverage of choice while you recline and let the soft tresses of sound carry you to your internal Zen happy place.

These are but a few ways to sit back and relax at home after a long day’s work. There are a plethora of other ways to let yourself calm down and take a load off. Maybe you can help offer a few more options for taking a break from your stressful grind.