The Wrong Attitude For Home Decorating

There is always something that goes wrong, so is the home decorating. Let’s have a see at what kind of mistakes that people often make in decorating.

Focus on Pricing

The most typical example is picking the decoration company. Averagely, every family would ask 3 to 5 decoration companies to do the budget before deciding which company to choose. They normally choose the company with low budget. In fact, everyone knows that almost the whole decorating is hand work. Therefore, every company spends the same time. Though the small companies get lower total profit, but the proportion shared to every decorating case is similar with those large companies. How can they get the budget which is much lower than the large companies? Where does the profit come from? Many of them decreased the working time and asked the additional budget. If counting them all, you cannot benefit from it at all.

Increase Trouble by Wiseacre

The weird thing is that the owner who have some experience in decorating but only a hazy notion. Some people are doing business on home decorating material. Therefore, they are pushy on choosing decorating materials. For the balcony on the high stores, the owners have to protect it when decorating. You should try not to pave the floor with heavy materials. But some owners want to pursue the beauty, they adapt the heavy marble. For the sake of firmness, they add more cements mortar. As a result, the balcony appears crack in 2 years.

The Wrong Attitude For Home Decorating

Follow other’s Plan without Idea

For the owner without idea, they spend much more money than others. They are easy to believe the saying from the designers, projectors as well as material suppliers. In the budget plan, we often find the expensive high tech materials. But the decorating field is not a high tech field. We rarely see the high tech products and services in this field.

Greedy for Small Advantages

Many owners spend lots of money on decorating, but they hesitant for the small money. This kind of situation gives them lots of troubles. Many owners use the first brand materials but neglect the switch etc. small items. Some of them buy the products on the condition that buy one and get one for free or clearance sale. However, there is no such benefit thing. They may have amounts of hidden troubles.

Lost Reasonability for Comparison

There are some people who like to compare everything with others regardless of the practical usage. If the neighbor spends 10 thousand dollars on decorating, they may add 5 thousand more. In fact, the decorating material is not better with higher price. On the contrary, saving the money for the advanced furniture is more practical. Luxury is not equal to cozy. The key is suitable for you.

Get the Decoration Done Once and for All

Owners should know that the decorating cannot get done once for all. It will get you tired. For example, you make a board for bookshelf. First you ask the carpentry to do the 18cm board, after finishing, you think it is too wide, then change it into 16cm. when finished, you feel narrow. Always worried about the effect is not good enough and wanting to do everything by yourself. As a result, you are too tired to do it. Actually, no matter how perfect your decorating is, it will fall behind in one day.

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